Negramoll Wine variety

Negramoll is an old Iberian red wine variety that has several synonyms including Tinta Negra Mole, Tinta de Madeira, Mollar de America, Saborinho.  

Despite the similarity of the names this variety is not related to the Italian variety Negroamaro.

In the Iberian Peninsula and in the Spanish and Portuguese Atlantic Islands  Negramoll is used to make soft dry red wines either as a varietal or as part of a blend. It is also a principal component of Madeira wine.

In Peru this variety is used to make Pisco, the local version of brandy.

This Barossa Rose includes Negramoll in a blend with other Iberian varieties.This Barossa Rose includes Negramoll in a blend with other Iberian varieties. Image Dan Traucki.

Negramoll in Australia

Negramoll was probably introduced into Australia to make fortified Madeira style wines.  These styles have gone out of fashion so the few vineyards left with them tend to use the variety in dry red or rose wines.  

  • Alpha Box and Dice McLaren Vale
  • Campbells Wines Rutherglen
  • Henley Park Winery Swan Valley
  • Kangarilla Road McLaren Vale
  • Oak Works Riverland
  • Rosenvale Barossa
Updated 11 April 2021

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