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Wine variety Table

Learn about wine the visual way with this colourful wall chart. We remember more if we engage all of our senses. De Long's Wine Variety Table is a great way to have a fixed image to recall from that memory device between your ears. Here's how to learn about 184 of the most important wine varieties in the world...

Wine Grape Varietal Table and all listed wine maps are in stock.   Order early for seasonal gifts.

De Long's Wine Grape Variety TableLearn about wine the visual way

The Wine Varietal Table is an incredibly useful wine reference disguised as a fine art print.

This table and index is an ideal gift for the fussiest wine connoisseur.

You can hang it on a wall in your cellar door tasting room, next to your bar, dining room or anywhere you drink wine, you will find yourself referring to it again and again.

All you need to know about wine grape varieties in one place. (Well nearly everything!)

Detail Wine Grape variety TableDetail of a few of the 184 grapes described

Here's what you get

184 varieties are listed. For each wine grape variety there is a cell with information about the country of origin, common descriptors of the wines, where it is grown and some of the major appellations. This will help you learn about varietal wine like no other product.

The Wine Grape Varietal Table. 24 by 36 inches printed on 110 lb. acid-free archival paper. For those who are imperially challenged that's about 600mm by 900mm.

The Wine and Grape Indexes. (optional extra) A great little book packed with 88 pages of info. It is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse when you are out buying wine, or trying to choose from an interesting wine list. It includes all of the world's major appellations, and enables you find the grape variety of wine even when it is not listed on the label. (Not included in the Standard Edition)

How to Order your table

If you are in Australia or New Zealand please order  via this page.  

Please note you pay via the Paypal System.  If you don't have a Paypal account then you can pay Paypal with your credit or debit card.

For bulk orders please contact me.

If you want your map delivered elsewhere please order from this page

Wine Grape Varietal Table and all listed wine maps are in stock.   Order early for seasonal gifts.

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