The rewards for patreon supporters

If you support Vinodiversity via a regular Patron Subscription then you will be eligible for the appropriate rewards as set out below.

Please note all amounts quoted are in American dollars. 

Sorry about that. The management software I am using doesn't allow Aussie dollars, but the conversion is easy via Paypal, or your credit card.

You can cancel at any time, and no further amounts will be taken from your account.

Fan - $1 per Month

Fans show their support for Vinodiversity Community and its aims by making a minimal contribution.  I can't tell you how many cups of coffee you can get for $1 US per month because I don't drink the stuff!

In return I offer you.

  • My undying gratitude
  • A whopping 15% discount on the standard price of De Long's Maps and the Wine Variety Table
  • Early bird and other discounts on my forthcoming books
  • I am negotiating other perks and rewards with wineries and related businesses
  • Your name on an Honour Roll on this site. (You can stay anonymous if you prefer) 

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Bronze patron- $5 per Month

This level of support is available for wineries who are producing wine from alternative varietal wines.

  • You have your winery listed with a live link to your website on the sponsors page.
  • There will also be extra prominence and a link from appropriate web pages on Vinodiversity which are relevant to your region and varieties.

The mock up below shows what the listings for a particular region might look like.

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Sponsor Winery Sangiovese
  • Nonsponsor Winery Tempranillo
  • Sponsored Winery Chenin blanc, Gewurztraminer, Petit verdot, Sangiovese
  • Nonsponsor Tempranillo
  • Nonsponsor Estate Barbera, Tempranillo
  • Sponsored Winery Gewurztraminer, Tempranillo
  • Nonsponsor Gewurztraminer, Sangiovese, Tempranillo, Vermentino
  • Nonsponsor Wines Albarino, Barbera, Graciano, Tempranillo
  • Silver patron- $10 per Month

    This level of support is available for Australia wineries and wine related businesses.  Examples of the latter are accommodation and tour providers.

    For wineries the perks for the Bronze are included.

    In addition you will be able to have a banner ad displayed on up to 5 relevant pages (regional and varietal pages).  You can supply the imagery, or I can make something for you.

    Silver Patrons will also get annual (at least) mentions in the Vinodiversity email newsletter). Perhaps you can use this to notify readers about a special event or new release.

    Silver patrons will also be given priority for social media shout outs by Vinodiversity from time to time.

    The image below gives and indication of the size of the banner available.

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    Gold patron- $30 per Month

    Gold Patrons will get a dedicated page on Vinodiversity for their business.

    The content of the page can be in the format of a brochure, or an extended blog post with a good number of images and a video if you have one. It will include promotional matter, testimonials, as well as practical information including opening times, contact information, links to social media etc. You provide the text and imagery, I will build the page.

    The Gold Sponsors pages will be be referenced by a thumbnail image and brief description in the right column of multiple pages of Vinodiversity.  See the thumbnails in the right column at right.

    Only 10 Gold sponsorships will be available. The position of the thumbnail in the list of sponsors will be automatically rotated so that each will get equal billing at the top.

    Gold sponsors will also get the opportunity for an annual article in Vinodiversity news, and multiple Social Media shout-outs.

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