A new wine map of France

Vino One is a new series of maps by De Long that are more graphic and concise than the current maps. They're a result of both listening to customers and further developing their craft.

See the detailed view of the Central Loire Region below

Loire region detail of Wine Map of FranceLoire region detail

What's Different about these Maps?

This new series of wine maps is called Vino One.  Thus far includes France, Italy and Spain.

The original De Long Wine Map of France was packed with detail.  All official French wine regions were included.  It was  complicated to fit them all into one page.

The Vino One series represents a significant advance in the clarity and conciseness of wine cartography. They are smaller than the regular De Long maps - 16 x 20 inches instead of 24 x 36 inches. For those of us in the Metric Universe that is about 410mm x 510mm.

However, the maps retain nearly the same level of detail while adding helpful information about vineyard areas and grape varieties.

Detail of Provence region

Aussie wine lovers are interested in this region as many of the popular, and less common, wine varieties used in Australia are prominent here.

Overview of the map

De Long's Wine Map of FranceWine map of France

Order your wine map of France

The cost of this map is $40 for mailing to Australian addresses, including postage.  This compares favourably with the price of USD 30 if you order directly from the US, plus you'd have a hefty shipping cost as well.

If you only want one map of France you can order directly from my PayPal account.

If you want more than one map (you can mix and match with Vino One or other wine maps) I can give you a discount. Please contact me with full details of the maps that you require, and I will send you an invoice which you can pay via Paypal or direct deposit.

To order these maps from outside Australia please visit De Long's website. 

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