Wine Country Hotels

Save time comparing accommodation choices

Vinodiversity has joined with a leading hotel booking service to bring you the best deals on wine country hotels.

So now when planning your next wine trip you can spend less on accommodation, and more on the stuff that really

Now the Wine Country Hotels service is different, because it gives you two advantages over other hotel booking services.

  1. It provides the widest coverage of all online booking services.
  2. It shows you the best deals for booking online to those hotels.
  3. You can find at glance if there is free WiFi

Booking hotels online has been with us for quite some time. People are now routinely using one service or another.

A few of my friends swear by, others say They all have their favourites, and now doubt they are getting the benefits of convenient searches, and hopefully service in booking their hotels.

But are they getting the best service?

You can't really tell unless you do a search on all of the booking services, and there are dozens of them. The box at right shows some of the services are covering Rome.

What is the coverage of Wine Country Hotels?

The service covers accommodation in most countries of the world, from the large international cities, regional centres and rural areas.

All types of accommodation are covered - hotels, motels, apartments, guesthouses, B&Bs, resorts and holiday rentals. How does Wine Country Hotels work?

The system works by aggregating many existing services. So a search on Hotels in Rome would turn up all of the results from the 57 services listed at right. At least it did when I did a search recently. There may be more by now. Try It and see

You will be given a results page which covers the city.

You can sort your search by Popularity, Price, Stars, Guest Ratings

You can narrow your search for distance from the Centre

You may wish to search only for apartments or guesthouses. Easily done there is a filter for property type including motels, guesthouses, hostels, apartments, resorts and holiday rentals

You can get the price quoted in many major currencies

Maybe you wish to take your pets on holiday, or you must have high speed internet, again your search can be quickly modified.

Check Availability

It is easy to check the availability of hotels, or find one with a vacancy on your dates.

Simply enter your desired dates and the number of guests and Wine Country Hotels will show you what's available.

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