What varietal is That?

Kindle version is now available

Lost in the world of grape varieties?  Here is a book to help you.

If you are a beginning wine lover it seems daunting.  Where to start?

Maybe you have been enjoying wine for a few years and want to take your knowledge to a new level.  You have a few favourite varietals but which others should you try?

You love exploring new styles and varieties - exploring is part of the fun, but a guidebook can help you find some of the lesser-known but more exciting wines.

Published January 2019

hundreds of varieties

Well thousands actually.  One major reference lists 1368 wine grape varieties that are used commercially throughout the world.  There are certainly more to be discovered.  

Each year plant breeders are releasing new varieties.  Old varieties which have been nurtured in remote vineyards in forgotten villages are finding their way to the wider world of wine.

what is in the book

The book will contain descriptions of about 80 of the most important wine grape varieties used throughout the world. 

For each variety there will be information about its origin, its ranking in terms of the area planted, its current distribution, the wine styles made from it, and some food pairing suggestions.

Separate chapters of the book will discuss topics such as the importance of varieties and clones to grape growers and winemakers as well as wine lovers, an explainer about wine varieties and styles.

Who is this book For

What Varietal is That is aimed at the winelover who wants to go a little beyond the handful of well known varieties.  

Setting off down the path of discovering the wide world of grape varieties can be daunting so this guide can help you get started.

When will the Book be published?

Hopefully before the end of January 2019.

The Kindle version is already available.

The book will be published in print and digital editions.

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