Wine Tours in Australia

Planning wine tours has just become easier.

The best way to learn about wine is to get up close and personal. You can try wine from the other side of the world at home, but nothing beats going right to the source. Get right into the vineyard where the wine is grown and talk to the winemaker. So book your cheap flights and go for a wine tour. Having a taste of the wine from where it's actually made adds value to the experience. Plus, you get to know the winemaker, so what else can you ask for?

But when you are travelling overseas, or even interstate, you need to plan your wine tours to avoid wasting time or missing out on the real gems.

Suppose you only have a couple of days to visit a famous wine region such as the Barossa Valley. Where are the best cellar doors? which are the best places to stay? How do you make best use of your precious time?

Using a local service to look after the practical details will free you up to concentrate on the task at hand - finding and tasting the superb local wines.

I have set up a wine tours brochure service in partnership with a travel information clearinghhouse. The deal is you browse for an interesting destination/activity then order a free brochure. That's it. Click here to order a brochure

The service covers wine tours to all major Australian wine regions. You will find operators of services for chauffeur driven-day tours to wine regions close to capital cities or you can find extended tours including a range of attractions and activities.

Other Travel Options.

Maybe you'd like to combine a wine tour or a gourmet tour with cooking lessons. Step outside the square and book yourself a themed holiday. A cycling or barging tour in French wine regions? Maybe a seafood cooking school in Nova Scotia.

If you are in Melbourne Sydney or Adelaide you can use this brochure service to book a wine tour of the Barossa while letting someone else do the driving. The world is your oyster.

WARNING and DISCLAIMER: There are hundreds of offers in this service from naturist resorts in Indonesia to steam loco photography in Myanmar, to a residential batik school in Bulgaria (true!) I have to admit I haven't actually tried all of these activities, but I can arrange for a brochure to be sent to you. After that you are on your own!

I reckon you can add to your holiday by building in an organised activity even if you mostly do your own thing and travel independently. Many of the offers in this service are for short wine or gourmet tours and cooking schools. I'm sure you will find something to tickle your fancy. You don't need to do a complete tour where you are herded onto and off a bus (even if they call it a coach, its still a bus) with dozens of people you wouldn't be seen dead with.

Get yourself a brochure from or just click on the footer bar of any Vinodiversity page.

When you are planning your wine tours don't forget to see Vinodiversity's information about Australian wine regions.

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