Cortese white wine variety

The Cortese white wine variety originated in the Italian region of Piedmont.  Little of this variety is grown elsewhere.  

Cortese Square

In the Piedmont Region Cortese is made into white wines of variable quality.  Many are rather bland but quite acidic, eminently suitable as house wines in seafood restaurants.  At the other end of the scale, Cortese wines can be lightly aromatic with attractive textural mouthfeel.  The most famous (and expensive) examples are from the DOCG region of Gavi.  

Download this digital map to discover in detail the wine regions of Italy.

Cortese in Australia

This variety is still quite rare in Australia, probably because it is being squeezed out by other Italian white wine varieties. The few producers who have pioneered the variety have made some impressive wines so Cortese may have a future here.

  • Ceravolo Premium Wines Adelaide Plains
  • Ros Ritchie Upper Goulburn
  • Serrena Que Estate Granite Belt
  • XO Wine Co Adelaide Hills
Page updated 6 Dec 2023

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You can learn about Italian Wine Regions with this digital wine Map of Italy. Instant download.

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