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Sangiovese red wine variety in Australia

This Tuscan variety was the first of the Italian reds to be planted widely in Australia.

Sangiovese grapes destined for the 2020 Vintage at Coriole in Mclaren ValeSangiovese grapes destined for the 2020 Vintage at Coriole

Sangiovese is the most commonly grown red wine variety in Italy.  It is best known as the variety behind Chianti, Tuscany's flagship wine.

In fact this variety is grown throughout Central and Southern Italy.

Download this digital map to discover in detail the wine regions of Italy.

Vineyards in Tuscany landscape. By Mattana (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Sangiovese is the only variety permitted in the famous wines from Brunello di Montalcino, which are regarded as among Italy's best. They're made a strain of Sangiovese Grosso called Brunello ("little dark one"), so named for the brown hue of its skin. Although these wines are grown and made in Tuscany they are big, deep-coloured, and powerful, with enough tannins and structure to warrant considerable cellaring.

Over recent years there has been increased plantings and interest in the variety in California.

Quote By Jancis Robinson from her book Wine GapesQuote By Jancis Robinson from her book Wine Gapes

Sangiovese in Australia

The Sangiovese variety has only been used in any quantity in Australia over recent years. The early champion of the variety was Mark Lloyd of Coriole who first planted the variety in the McLaren Vale region in the 1980s. It is now grown in most regions in Eastern Australia.

sangiovese producers

It is comparatively scarce in WA, perhaps because of the mix up a few years ago when some WA wineries, including Howard Park, planted what they thought were Sangiovese vines but they turned out to be Carnelian.  

Some commentators believe that many plantings of Sangiovese made during the 1990s were of inferior clones. This probably contributed a bit to the cooling of enthusiasm of by Australian growers, winemakers and consumers of the variety.  

There was also some confusion over the best style of wine to be made from Sangiovese in Australia.  Too many wines were made in the style of Australian Shiraz, rather than emphasis on the strengths of Sangiovese - its ability to make medium bodied wines with good acid structure.

For whatever reason the quality of Sangiovese wines in Australia has increased steadily over the past few years.

Many winemakers in Australia have discovered that Sangiovese makes good rose style wines.

  • 919 Wines Riverland
  • Adina Vineyard Hunter Valley
  • Aldinga Bay McLaren Vale
  • All Saints Estate Rutherglen
  • Allandale Hunter Valley
  • Alpha Box and Dice McLaren Vale
  • Amadio Adelaide Hills
  • Amato Vino Margaret River
  • Ambrook Wines Swan Valley
  • Anderson Winery Rutherglen
  • Andrew Peace Wines Swan Hill
  • Angas & Bremer Langhorne Creek
  • Angullong Wines Orange
  • Artwine Adelaide Hills
  • Arundel Farm Sunbury
  • Avonmore Estate Bendigo
  • Banks Road Geelong
  • Barrecas Geographe
  • Barton Estate Canberra
  • Beechworth Wine Estates Beechworth
  • Benwarin Wines Hunter Valley
  • Berrigan Wines Adelaide Hills
  • Big Easy Radio McLaren Vale
  • Billy Button Alpine Valleys
  • Bioreann Granite Belt
  • Black Wallaby Bendigo
  • Blind Corner Margaret River
  • Blood Moon Heathcote
  • Blue Gables Gippsland
  • Born and Raised Heathcote
  • Brindabella Hills Canberra
  • Brokenwood Wines Hunter Valley
  • Bullers Calliope Rutherglen
  • Burrendulla Mudgee
  • Bush Track Wine Alpine Valleys
  • Buttermans Track Yarra Valley
  • Byrne Clare Valley
  • Calico Town Rutherglen
  • Camfield Family Wines Pyrenees
  • Cape Mentelle Margaret River
  • Capel Vale Geographe
  • Capital Wines Canberra
  • Cappa Stone Murray Darling
  • Carlei Estate Yarra Valley
  • Carpe Diem Margaret River
  • Casella Riverina
  • Cassegrain Hastings River
  • Castagna Vineyard Beechworth
  • Caudo Vineyard Riverland
  • Centennial Vineyards Southern Highlands
  • Ceravolo Premium Wines Adelaide Plains
  • Chain of Ponds Adelaide Hills
  • Chalk Hill Winery McLaren Vale
  • Chalmers Heathcote
  • Chapel Hill McLaren Vale
  • Charlish & Co Adelaide Hills
  • Chrismont King Valley
  • Ciavarella King Valley
  • Cirami Estate Riverland
  • Clarnette Grampians
  • Claymore Clare Valley
  • Clovely Estate South Burnett
  • Coates Wines McLaren Vale
  • Cockfighters Ghost Hunter Valley
  • Cofield Wines Rutherglen
  • Colab and Bloom Adelaide Hills
  • Collector Wines Canberra
  • Colvin Wines Hunter Valley
  • Condie Heathcote
  • Connor Park Bendigo
  • Coriole McLaren Vale
  • Coulter Wines Adelaide Hills
  • Credaro Estate Margaret River
  • Crittenden Estate Mornington Peninsula
  • Crowe Canberra
  • Cupitt's Winery Shoalhaven Coast
  • Dal Zotto Estate King Valley
  • Dalfarras Nagambie Lakes
  • David Hook Wines Hunter Valley
  • De Bertolis Rutherglen Estates Rutherglen
  • De Iuliis Hunter Valley
  • Di Lusso Estate Mudgee
  • Di Sciascio Family Wines Heathcote
  • Dodgy Brothers McLaren Vale
  • Dog Ridge McLaren Vale
  • Domain Day Barossa Valley
  • Dominic Versace Wines Adelaide Plains
  • Drakesbrook Wines Peel
  • Dromana Estate Mornington Peninsula
  • Dune McLaren Vale
  • Eddie McDougal Wines King Valley
  • Eden Hall Eden Valley
  • Eden Road Canberra
  • Eldredge Clare Valley
  • Erin Eyes Clare Valley
  • ess&see McLaren Vale
  • Fabal Langhorne Creek
  • Feathertop Alpine Valleys
  • Fell Wines McLaren Vale
  • Ferraro Wines Alpine Valleys
  • Fighting Gully Road Beechworth
  • Fikkers Wine Yarra Valley
  • First Creek Hunter Valley
  • First Ridge Mudgee
  • Five O’Clock Somewhere McLaren Vale
  • Flying Fish Cove Margaret River
  • Flynn's Wines Heathcote
  • Foster e Rocco Heathcote
  • Four Winds Vineyard Canberra
  • Fowles Wine Strathbogie Ranges
  • Frederick Stevenson Barossa Valley
  • Freeman Vineyards Hilltops
  • Galli Estate Heathcote
  • Gapsted Wines Alpine Valleys
  • Garbin Estate Swan Valley
  • Garden of Earthly Delights Heathcote
  • Gargoyle Wines Barossa Valley
  • Gatt Barossa Valley
  • Gentle Folk Adelaide Hills
  • Geoff Merrill McLaren Vale
  • Giant Steps Yarra Valley
  • Gil Graves Bendigo
  • Gippsland Wine Company Gippsland
  • Gormesal Barossa Valley
  • Gracebrook Vineyards King Valley
  • Grape Farm Winery Pyrenees
  • Greenstone Vineyard Heathcote
  • Greg Cooley Clare Valley
  • Grove Estate Wines Hilltops
  • Hamiltons Bluff Cowra
  • Hay Shed Hill Wines Margaret River
  • Heartland Wines Limestone Coast Zone
  • Hedonist McLaren Vale
  • Heslop Wines Mudgee
  • Hewitson Barossa Valley
  • Hill River Estate Clare Valley
  • Hollick Wines Coonawarra
  • Hollydene Estate Mudgee
  • Homestead Estate Alpine Valleys
  • Howard Vineyard Adelaide Hills
  • Howling Wolf Wines Margaret River
  • Hugh Hamilton McLaren Vale
  • Hunter Gatherer Vintners Macedon Ranges
  • Hustle and Vine McLaren Vale
  • Indigo Wine Company Beechworth
  • Innocent Bystander Yarra Valley
  • James and Co Rutherglen
  • Jester Hill Wines Granite Belt
  • Jinks Creek Winery Gippsland
  • Jirra Wines at Jeir Station Canberra
  • Justoposed McLaren Vale
  • Kangarilla Road McLaren Vale
  • Kellivale Geographe
  • Kevin Sobels Wines Hunter Valley
  • Killara Estate Yarra Valley
  • King River Estate King Valley
  • Kingsley Grove South Burnett
  • Kirrihill Estates Clare Valley
  • Knappstein Wines Clare Valley
  • Koerner Wines Clare Valley
  • Koltz McLaren Vale
  • Kosciosko Wines Tumbarumba
  • Krystallo Estate Upper Goulburn
  • L’Enologa Murray Darling
  • La Bise Adelaide Hills
  • La Cantina King Valley King Valley
  • La Curio McLaren Vale
  • La Fattoria Perth Hills
  • La Prova Adelaide Hills
  • Langmeil Barossa Valley
  • Lark Hill Winery Canberra
  • Latitude 34 Hunter Valley
  • Lethbridge Wines Geelong
  • Linear Adelaide Hills
  • Linnaea Heathcote
  • Little Bridge Canberra
  • Little Wine Company Hunter Valley
  • Longleat Wines Goulburn Valley
  • Lowe Family Wines Mudgee
  • Mad Dog Wines Barossa Valley
  • Magpie Estate Barossa Valley
  • Main and Cherry Adelaide Hills
  • Mallaluka Canberra
  • Many Hands Yarra Valley
  • Marnong Estate Sunbury
  • Massoni Pyrenees
  • Matriarch and Rogue Clare Valley
  • Mayer Yarra Valley
  • McIvor Estate Heathcote
  • McPherson Wines Nagambie Lakes
  • MDI Murray Darling
  • Memento Wines Rutherglen
  • Mercuri Estate Clare Valley
  • Merindoc Heathcote
  • Michael Unwin Wines Grampians
  • Michelini Alpine Valleys
  • Middlebrook Estate McLaren Vale
  • Millbrook Winery Perth Hills
  • Mistletoe Wines Hunter Valley
  • Mitchell Clare Valley
  • Mitchell Harris Wines Pyrenees
  • Mitolo McLaren Vale
  • Moffatdale Ridge South Burnett
  • Monichino Wines Goulburn Valley
  • Montebello Estate Hunter Valley
  • Montefalco Vineyard Porongurup
  • Monterra Wines McLaren Vale
  • Monument Vineyard Central Ranges Zone
  • Mount Avoca Pyrenees
  • Mount Burrumboot Estate Heathcote
  • Mount Langi Ghiran Vineyards Grampians
  • Mount Towrong Macedon Ranges
  • Mount Trio Vineyard Porongurup
  • Mount Vincent Estate Hunter Valley
  • Mr Riggs Wine Company McLaren Vale
  • Mt Billy Southern Fleurieu
  • Mulyan Cowra
  • Mundoo Ridge Riverland
  • Murrumbateman Canberra
  • Muster Wine Company Barossa Valley
  • New Era Adelaide Hills
  • Next Crop Wines Langhorne Creek
  • Ngeringa Adelaide Hills
  • Nicholson River Gippsland
  • Nick O'Leary Canberra
  • Nick Spencer Wines Tumbarumba
  • Nocturne Margaret River
  • Nova Vita Wines Adelaide Hills
  • Nugan Estate Riverina
  • Nuova Scuola South Burnett
  • Oak Valley Estate Murray Darling
  • Oakvale Hunter Valley
  • Ochota Barrels Adelaide Hills
  • Olive Hills Estate Rutherglen
  • Orange Mountain Orange
  • Otellia Coonawarra
  • Pankhurst Wines Canberra
  • Paulett Clare Valley
  • Paulmara Estate Barossa Valley
  • Paxton McLaren Vale
  • Payton and Jones Yarra Valley
  • Pengally Lane Wines Bendigo
  • Perrini Estate Adelaide Hills
  • Petronio Yarra Valley
  • Pieter van Gent Mudgee
  • Piggs Peake Winery Hunter Valley
  • Pikes Clare Valley
  • Pindarie Wines Barossa Valley
  • Pizzini Wines King Valley
  • Plan B Frankland River
  • Pokolbin Estate Hunter Valley
  • Politini King Valley
  • Primo Estate McLaren Vale
  • Quarisa Riverina
  • Quarry Hill Wines Canberra
  • Quealy Mornington Peninsula
  • Quid Pro Quo Hunter Valley
  • Racecourse Lane Wines Hunter Valley
  • Range Life King Valley
  • Ravenscroft Wines Granite Belt
  • Ravensworth Wines Canberra
  • Red Feet King Valley
  • Redheads Barossa Valley
  • Reilly's Wines Clare Valley
  • Remarkable View Winery Southern Flinders Region
  • Renards Folly McLaren Vale
  • Restdown Wines Perricoota
  • Ricca Terra Riverland
  • Ringer Reef Winery Alpine Valleys
  • Risky Business Margaret River
  • Riverbank Estate Swan Valley
  • Rosby Granite Belt
  • Rowsley Fault Vineyards Geelong
  • Salena Estate Riverland
  • Sam Miranda Wines King Valley
  • Santa & d’Sas Geelong
  • Santolin Yarra Valley
  • Scaffidi Estate Adelaide Hills
  • Sedona Estate Upper Goulburn
  • Semprevino Adelaide Hills
  • Serafino Wines McLaren Vale
  • Settlers Ridge Margaret River
  • Seville Hill Yarra Valley
  • Shadowfax Vineyard and Winery Geelong
  • Shepherds Run Canberra
  • Sherwood Estate Hastings River
  • Shining Rock Vineyard Adelaide Hills
  • Shobbrook Wines Barossa Valley
  • Signor Vino Riverina
  • Skimstone Mudgee
  • Slowfox Wines Mudgee
  • Small Victories WIne Barossa valley
  • South by South West Margaret River
  • St Huberts Yarra Valley
  • Star Lane Beechworth
  • Stefani Estate Yarra Valley
  • Stella Bella Margaret River
  • Steve Wiblin's Erin Eyes Clare Valley
  • Stone Bridge Wines Clare Valley
  • Stumpy Gully Wines Mornington Peninsula
  • Sussex Squire Clare Valley
  • Susuro Adelaide Hills
  • Sutton Forest Southern Highlands
  • Sutton Grange Winery Bendigo
  • Tahbilk Nagambie Lakes
  • Talits Hunter Valley
  • Tallis Wine Company Goulburn Valley
  • Taltarni Pyrenees
  • Tar and Roses Nagambie Lakes
  • Tarzali Strathbogie Ranges
  • Tempus Two Hunter Valley
  • Tenafeate Creek Wines Adelaide Plains
  • The Bridge Vineyard Heathcote
  • The Grapes of Ross Barossa Valley
  • The Islander Estate Vineyards Kangaroo Island
  • The Lane Vineyard Adelaide Hills
  • The Little Wine Company Hunter Valley
  • The Pawn Wine Company Adelaide Hills
  • The Stoke Kangaroo Island
  • Three Lads Canberra
  • Thumbprint Wines Mudgee
  • Tilbrook Estate Adelaide Hills
  • Tonon Vineyard and Winery Perth Hills
  • Torzi Matthews Eden Valley
  • Totino Wines Adelaide Hills
  • Trelawney Clare Valley
  • Trifon Estate Goulburn Valley
  • Trimboli Riverina
  • Tulloch Hunter Valley
  • Tumbalong Hills Gundagai
  • Uleybury Wines Adelaide Zone
  • Vale Creek Wines Central Ranges Zone
  • Vanguardist Clare Valley
  • Vasarelli McLaren Vale
  • View Road Wines Adelaide Hills
  • Vigna Bottin McLaren Vale
  • Vinea Marson Heathcote
  • Vino Intrepido Heathcote
  • Vintage Longbottom Adelaide Hills
  • Virgara Wines Adelaide Plains
  • Watershed Wines Margaret River
  • Watkins Wines Langhorne Creek
  • Way Wood Wines McLaren Vale
  • Whistling Eagle Wines Heathcote
  • Whitton Farm Canberra
  • Willem Kurt Beechworth
  • Windowrie Estate Cowra
  • Witches Falls Winery Granite Belt
  • Wood Park King Valley
  • Wren Estate Hunter Valley
  • Yalumba Wine Company Eden Valley
  • Yanmah Ridge Manjimup
  • Yarra Peaks Yarra Valley
  • Yarra Yering Yarra Valley
  • Yarrh Wines Canberra
  • Zerella (la Gita) McLaren Vale
  • Zonte's Footstep McLaren Vale
  • Zonzo Yarra Valley
Last Update 14 Oct 2023

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