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Wine Map of Australia

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This wine map by De Long shows all of the official wine regions in Australia.

It is printed on quality paper and suitable for framing.

Wine Map of AustraliaWine Map of Australia.

Australian wine regions are governed by the Geographic Indicators GI system.  All are shown on this colourful map.

You can display it in your bar or wine cellar, wherever you enjoy wine and company.  

The map is a great conversation starter. It lets you and your guests track down the less well known regions as you explore the full range of Australian wines.

Here's what you get on this Wine Map of Australia

  • The map illustrated above.
  • The wine regions clearly and attractively defined.
  • Incredible detail and beautiful layout.
  • Includes the all wine regions in the mainland states and Tasmania
  • Detail map of the Adelaide region
  • Size is 24in x 36in. (That's about 600mm x 900mm)
  • Printed on quality paper, suitable for framing or laminating

Detail of some of the Victorian Wine regions

Detail of the Wine Map of AustraliaDetail of the Wine Map of Australia

Adelaide detail

Wine regions to the east and north east of Adelaide.  Detail from De Long's wine map of Australia.Wine regions to the east and north east of Adelaide. Detail from De Long's wine map of Australia.

Seven unofficial regions in Tasmania

Tasmanan Detail of De Long's Wine Map Of AustraliaTasmanan Detail of De Long's Wine Map Of Australia

How to order your Wine map of Austrlia

If you are in Australia please order by adding your map to your shopping cart via the button below.  Please note you pay via the Paypal System.  If you don't have a Paypal account then you can pay Paypal with your credit or debit card.

For orders to be shipped to New Zealand, or for bulk orders please contact me.

If you want your map delivered elsewhere please order from De Long Wine Info

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