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The Metro Wine Map of France

Vinodiversity readers are familiar with the superb range of Wine Information Products from the De Long Wine Info Group - the Wine Grape Vareital Table and the incredibly detailed wine country maps.

Here's something new. It's clever and useful.

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Metro Wine Map of France available from VinodiversityMetro Wine Map of France

This map is at once a piece of fun but it is also very functional as a learning tool. The major French wine regions are arranged and colour coded, just like the lines on real Paris Metro maps.

The important appellations are marked as "stations" on the "lines" and major cities are also included to get your bearings.

And just to keep Vinodiversity readers happy the major grape varieties of each region are also indicated.

Here's the fine detail

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About the map

  • Perfect for all levels of wine knowledge. An excellent teaching tool for novices and a cool gift for intermediate and expert wine enthusiasts
  • The major wine regions of France and their appellations shown clearly in their relative positions
  • Major grape varieties shown in context with their corresponding appellations
  • Major geographical features and architectural landmarks indicated
  • 18 x 24 in (450 X 600mm)  expertly printed on heavyweight acid-free matte paper, suitable for framing
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