Wine Books

Even in this digital age it is great to have a shelf full of real books to help you learn about wine.

Some of the books on Vinodiversity's bookshelf

A shelf laden with good wine books will give you almost as much pleasure as a well stocked cellar. Notice I said almost.

In fact books and bottles go hand in hand. You need good books to find and enjoy good wine, and there is nothing better than reading with a glass of wine at hand.

I think books should give pleasure as well as information. That's why I love to read the books by Jennifer Rosen, for example. She is sassy, opinionated and entertaining. But her words are backed up by a sound knowledge of wine.

A large part of the information on Vinodiversity has been extracted from several key wine books. I have found these books useful. I hope you do too.

Three Key books

These three books contain all you ever wanted to know about varieties

Putting you in the picture 

Three atlases you need

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