Pinot grigio or is it Pinot gris?

***z-below-h2.shtml*** Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris are becoming increasingly popular wines in Australia. You could argue that they are no longer alternative varieties, but have become mainstream. This white wine variety is being used in most Australian wine regions, but it is especially suitable in the cooler regions, such as the Mornington Peninsula, Adelaide Hills, Yarra Valley or Tasmania.

Don't be confused by the names

The names Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris mean Grey Pinot in Italian and French respectively. 'Pinot' refers to the characteristic pine cone shaped bunch of this group of varieties.

Other synonyms for this variety include Pinot Burot, Tokay d'Alsace, Tokayer, Malvoise, Gris Cordelier, Klevanjka, Rulander, Fromentot, Grauer Burgunder, Grauer Monch, Szurkebarat

This variety closely is related to Pinot Noir variety and is believed to be a mutation of Pinot Noir. In the vineyard Pinot Grigio vines are often difficult to distinguish from its putative ancestor until the berries ripen when those of the Grigio will have much less pigment.

Other Pinot varieties include Pinot Blanc (Bianco in Italian) which has little or no pigment in the berries, and Pinot Meunier, a red variety used for Champagne and red table wines.

'Pinot Chardonnay' is often on the label of Australian sparkling wines. It indicates a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay varieties were used to make the wine. When Chardonnay was introduced into Australia in the 1980s it was sometimes called, incorrectly, "Pinot Chardonnay"

Pinot Gris around the world

In Europe Pinot grigio is widely planted in France, Italy, Germany and Austria, as well as in dozens of other countries from Canada to Romania to Switzerland to New Zealand Given the inherent variation of this variety and its geographic dispersion it is hardly surprising that a wide range of wine styles are produced from it.

In Alsace under the name of Tokay d'Alsace, it produces a rich, almost oily wine.

In Northern Italy the Pinot Grigio's are light and even spritzig. Under the name of Rulander in Germany it produces wines somewhat similar to white Burgundies

Pinot Gris in Australia

Pinot grigio has attracted serious interest in Australia only over the past two decades. The early Australian champion of variety was Kathleen Quealy of T'Gallant Wines. She has now moved on from that label but not before establishing the variety and guiding it from 'alternative' to mainstream status.

There is still a great deal of experimentation with the variety and it may take several more years before the optimal combination of terroir and winemaking technique emerges. In the meantime some great wines are already available for those who are looking for new experiences.

Both sharper light bodied (grigio) and fuller bodied (gris) styles are made in Australia, but really there is a continuum right across the spectrum. Whether the wine is labelled gris or grigio is a good, but not perfect, guide to what you might expect.

The taste of Pinot gris and Pinot grigio wines

The style varies from lightbodied and fairly straight forward (Pinot grigio) to rich and complex wines (Pinot gris) that are almost overwhelming in their voluptuousness. This is one occasion when reading tasting notes about a particular wine before buying is worthwhile.

Pinot grigio and food

These wines are lighter bodied so they are perfect with fritto misto (mixed fried seafood) or antipasti. In fact this style is versatile enough to go with seafood pasta dishes such as Spaghetti alla Vongole or with tomato and basil based pasta sauces. My Marinated Mushrooms recipe also calls for a crisp wine. Finally if you have some Taramasalata and can't find a Greek wine a Pinot grigio might fill the bill.

Pinot gris and food

These wines are fuller bodied with more honeyed aromas. Think about roast chicken, pork or veal. If you are having chicken live pate as an appetizer perhaps a richer Pinot gris might be a good choice. Seafood dishes in as seafood sauce might go well with this style of wine as well.

Wineries using Pinot Gris/Grigio in Australia

Ada River Gippsland | Adina Vineyard Hunter Valley | Alta Vineyards Adelaide Hills | Amadio Adelaide Hills | Amulet Vineyard Beechworth | Anderson Winery Rutherglen | Angoves Winery Riverland | Angullong Wines Orange | Annapurna Alpine Valleys | Arete Barossa Valley | Artwine Clare Valley | Ashton Hills Adelaide Hills | Austin's Wines Geelong | Baie Wines Geelong | Baillieu Vineyard Mornington Peninsula | Ballast Stone Estate Currency Creek | Banks Road Geelong | Banrock Station Riverland | Barmah Park Wines Mornington Peninsula | Barringwood Park Northern Tasmania | Barrymore Estate Mornington Peninsula | Barwang Hilltops | Basalt Ridge Macedon Ranges | Bass Fine Wines Northern Tasmania | Bass River Gippsland | Battunga Vineyards Adelaide Hills | Bay of Fires Northern Tasmania | Baywiew Estate Winery Mornington Peninsula | Beechworth Wine Estates Beechworth | Beelgara Estate Riverina | Belgravia Vineyards Orange | Bell River Estate Central Ranges Zone | Bella Riva King Valley | Bellarine Estate Geelong | Benarra Wines Mount Gambier | Bendooley Estate Southern Highlands | Bergamin Wines King Valley | Berton Vineyards Riverina | Bests Grampians | Bimbadgen Estate Hunter Valley | BK Wines Adelaide Hills | Blackbilly McLaren Vale | Blackford Stable Wines Adelaide Hills | Bleasdale Langhorne Creek | Blue Metal Vineyard Southern Highlands | Blue Range Estate Mornington Peninsula | Blue Rock Eden Valley | Boat O'Craigo Yarra Valley | Bockman Adelaide Hills | Boggy Creek Vineyards King Valley | Boyntons Feathertop Alpine Valleys | Brammar Estate Yarra Valley | Brandy Creek Wines Gippsland | Brangayne Orange | Brindabella Hills Canberra | Brockenchack Eden Valley | Brokenwood Wines Hunter Valley | Bromley Wines Geelong | Brook Eden Vineyard Northern Tasmania | Brown's Farm Winery Hunter Valley | Brown Magpie Wines Geelong | Buckley's Run Mornington Peninsula | Bulong Estate Yarra Valley | Burnbrae Winery Mudgee | Capanno Southern Highlands | Cape Banks Limestone Coast Zone | Cape Bernier Vineyard Southern Tasmania | Cape Jaffa Mount Benson | Caroline Hills Mount Gambier | Carpe Diem Margaret River | Casa Freschi Langhorne Creek | Casella Riverina | Caught Redhanded Adelaide Zone | Centennial Vineyards Southern Highlands | Ceravolo Premium Wines Adelaide Plains | Ceres Bridge Estate Geelong | Chain of Ponds Adelaide Hills | Chartley Estate Northern Tasmania | Chateau Mildura Murray Darling | Chateau Tanunda Barossa Valley | Cherubino Pemberton | Chrismont King Valley | Clearview Estate Mudgee Mudgee | Cleveland Macedon Ranges | Cloudbreak Wines Adelaide Hills | Clovely Estate South Burnett | Clyde Park Vineyard Geelong | Coldstream Hills Yarra Valley | Constable Vineyards Hunter Valley | Cook's Lot Orange | Coombe Farm Vineyard Yarra Valley | Courabyra Wines Tumbarumba | Crittenden at Dromana Mornington Peninsula | Cumulus Wines Orange | Curlewis Winery Geelong | Curly Flat Macedon Ranges | Cuttaway Hill Estate Southern Highlands | Dal Zotto Estate King Valley | Dalfaras Nagambie Lakes | Darling Park Mornington Peninsula | David Hook Wines Hunter Valley | De Lisio Wines McLaren Vale | Delamere Vineyards Northern Tasmania | Delatite Winery Upper Goulburn | Deviation Road Adelaide Hills | Di Lusso Estate Mudgee | Di Sciascio Family Wines Heathcote | Doc Adams McLaren Vale | Dos Rios Swan Hill | Dromana Estate Mornington Peninsula | Eagles Rise Geelong | Echelon McLaren Vale | Eden Hall Eden Valley | Edgecombe Orange | Elgee Park Mornington Peninsula | Ellender Estate Macedon Ranges | Elmslie Wines Northern Tasmania | Eminence King Valley | Ermes Estate Mornington Peninsula | Ernest Schuetz Wines Mudgee | Far Ago Hill Southern Highlands | Fergusson Yarra Valley | Five Sons Estate Mornington Peninsula | Fowles Wine Strathbogie Ranges | Foxey's Hangout Mornington Peninsula | Fratelli King Valley | Freeman Vineyards Hilltops | French Island Vineyards Mornington Peninsula | Frog Rock Mudgee | Frogmore Creek Vineyard Northern Tasmania | Galli Estate Sunbury | Galvanized Wine Group McLaren Vale | Gapsted Alpine Valleys | Ghost Rock Northern Tasmania | Giant Steps Yarra Valley | Gibson Barossavale Barossa Valley | Gilbert by Simon Gilbert Mudgee | Glen Creek Wines Upper Goulburn | Glenguin Hunter Valley | Goaty Hill Wines Northern Tasmania | Golding Adelaide Hills | Goorambath Glenrowan | Gracebrook Vineyards King Valley | Granite Ridge Wines Granite Belt | Grant Burge Barossa Valley | Grey Sands Northern Tasmania | GrumbleBone Estate Vineyard Southern Highlands | Hahndorf Hill Adelaide Hills | Hanging Rock Winery Macedon Ranges | Harlow Park Estate Mornington Peninsula | Haselgrove McLaren Vale | Hazyblur Wines Kangaroo Island | Head in the Clouds McLaren Vale | Heartland Wines Limestone Coast Zone | Helen's Hill Estate Yarra Valley | Henderson Hardie King Valley | Henley Hill Yarra Valley | Henschke Eden Valley | Herbert Vineyard Mount Gambier | Hesketh Wines Adelaide Hills | Hillstowe Adelaide Hills | Hillwood Vineyard Northern Tasmania | Hoddles Creek Estate Yarra Valley | Holm Oak Northern Tasmania | HPR Wines Mornington Peninsula | Hungerford Hill Hunter Valley | Indigo Wine Company Beechworth | Inneslake Hastings River | Innocent Bystander Yarra Valley | Iron Pot Bay Wines Northern Tasmania | Irvine Eden Valley | Jack Rabbit Vineyard Geelong | Jinglers Creek Northern Tasmania | Jinks Creek Winery Gippsland | Joadja Vineyards Southern Highlands | Jones Road Mornington Peninsula | Karanto Vineyards Langhorne Creek | Keith Tulloch Wine Hunter Valley | Kellermeister Wines Barossa Valley | Kilgour Estate Geelong | Killara Estate Yarra Valley | Kirrihill Estates Clare Valley | Kirrihill Adelaide Hills | Knappstein Wines Clare Valley | Koonara Coonawarra | Kouark Gippsland | Kreglinger Estate Mount Benson | Kurabana Geelong | Lady Bay Winery Southern Fleurieu | Lake Geroge Canberra | Lambert Vineyards Canberra | Landsdowne Vineyard Adelaide Hills | Lark Hill Winery Canberra | Larry Cherubino Margaret River | Laurellyn Wines New England | Lazzar Wines Mornington Peninsula | Leabrook Estate Adelaide Hills | Lerida Estate Canberra | Lethbridge Wines Geelong | Leura Park Estate Geelong | Little Wine Company Hunter Valley | Llangibby Estate Adelaide Hills | Lobethal Road Wines Adelaide Hills | Lochmoore Gippsland | Logan Wines Mudgee | Long Rail Gully Canberra | Lou Miranda Estate Barossa Valley | Louee Wines Mudgee | Lowe Family Wines Mudgee | Lyre Bird Hill Gippsland | Madew Wines Canberra | Major's Line Hunter Valley | Manton's Creek Vineyard Mornington Peninsula | Marcus Hill Vineyard Geelong | Marions Vineyard Northern Tasmania | Maritime Estate Mornington Peninsula | Mawson Ridge Adelaide Hills | Maximus Wines McLaren vale | McCrae Mist Wines Mornington Peninsula | McGlashan's Wallington Estate Geelong | McLaren Wines McLaren Vale | McVitty Grove Southern Highlands | Meadowbank Estate Southern Tasmania | Melross Estate Pyrenees | Miceli Mornington Peninsula | Michael Unwin Wines Grampians | Michelini Alpine Valleys | Millers Dixons Creek Estate Yarra Valley | Milton Vineyard Southern Tasmania | Minko Southern Fleurieu | Monichino Wines Goulburn Valley | Montalto Vineyards Mornington Peninsula | Monument Vineyard Central Ranges Zone | Moondarra Gippsland | Moorilla Estate Southern Tasmania | Moorooduc Estate Mornington Peninsula | Morning Star Estate Mornington Peninsula | Morning Sun Vineyard Mornington Peninsula | Mount Ashby Estate Southern Highlands | Mount Franklin Estate Macedon Ranges | Mount Langi Ghiran Vineyards Grampians | Mount Majura Canberra | Mount Markey Gippsland | Mount Pierrepoint Estate Henty | Mount Surmon Clare Valley | Mountadam Eden Valley | Mt Samaria Vineyard Goulburn Valley | Murdup Wines Mount Benson | Mylkappa Wines Adelaide Hills | Nalbra Estate Geelong | Nazaaray Mornington Peninsula | Nepenthe Adelaide Hills | Neqtar Wines Murray Darling | Newtons Ridge Geelong | Norfolk Rise Mount Benson | Nova Vita Wines Adelaide Hills | Nyora Vineyard and Winery Gippsland | Oakdene Geelong | Oakridge Yarra Valley | Oatley Wines Mudgee | Ocean Eight Vineyard and Winery Mornington Peninsula | Optimiste Mudgee | Orange Highland Wines Orange | Orchard Road Orange | Outlook Hill Yarra Valley | PachaMama Heathcote | Paracombe Wines Adelaide Hills | Paradigm Hill Mornington Peninsula | Paramoor Wines Macedon Ranges | Paringa Estate Mornington Peninsula | Parish Hill Wines Adelaide Hills | Pasut Family Wines Murray Darling | Patina Wines Orange | Paul Bettio King Valley | Paxton McLaren Vale | Peninsula Baie Wines Geelong | Petaluma Adelaide Hills | Petersons Glenesk Estate Mudgee | Pewsy Vale Eden Valley | Phaedrus Estate Mornington Peninsula | Piako Vineyards Murray Darling | Picarus Wrattonbully | Pier 10 Mornington Peninsula | Pike and Joyce Adelaide Hills | Pikes Clare Valley | Pipers Brook Vineyard Northern Tasmania | Pirie Estate Northern Tasmania | Piromit Wines Riverina | Point Leo Road Vineyard Mornington Peninsula | Politini King Valley | Polperro/Even Keel Mornington Peninsula | Pooley Wines Southern Tasmania | Port Phillip Estate Mornington Peninsula | Possums Vineyard McLaren Vale | Pothana Hunter Valley | Prancing Horse Estate Mornington Peninsula | Primerano King Valley | Primo Estate McLaren Vale | Prince Hill Wines Mudgee | Printhie Wines Orange | Provenance Wines Geelong | Punt Road Yarra Valley | Purple Hands Wines Barossa Valley | Quealy Mornington Peninsula | Quoin Hill Pyrenees | Raidis Coonawarra | Red Hill Estate Mornington Peninsula | Redbank Victoria King Valley | Redbox (Yarra Valley) Yarra Valley | Redden Bridge Wrattonbully | Ridgemill Estate Granite Belt | Ridgeview Wines Hunter Valley | Riposte Adelaide Hills | Rob Dolan Wines Yarra Valley | Rochford Wines Yarra Valley | Ros Ritchie Upper Goulburn | Rosevears Estate Northern Tasmania | Ross Hill Wines Orange | Rowans Lane Wines Henty | Rowsley Fault Vineyards Geelong | Ruane Winery Southern Highlands | Sailors Falls Winery Macedon Ranges | Sassy Wines Orange | Sautjan Vineyards Macedon Ranges | SC Pannell McLaren Vale | Scorpo Wines Mornington Peninsula | Scotchmans Hill Geelong | Scott Winemaking Adelaide Hills | Seaforth Vineyard Mornington Peninsula | Seppelt Great Western Grampians | Serafino Wines McLaren Vale | Settlement Wines McLaren Vale | Seville Estate Yarra Valley | Shadowfax Vineyard and Winery Geelong | Sheer Drop Bendigo | Sidewood Estate Adelaide Hills | Sidewood Estate Adelaide Hills | Silverwaters Vineyard Gippsland | Sirromet Queensland Coastal | Snobs Creek Wines Upper Goulburn | Somerbury Estate Mornington Peninsula | Soumah Yarra Valley | South Channel Wines Mornington Peninsula | Southern Highland Wines Southern Highlands | Spring Vale Wines Southern Tasmania | St Matthias Northern Tasmania | Starvedog Lane Adelaide Hills | Stefani Estate Heathcote | Stefano di Pieri Murray Darling | Stefano Lubiano Southern Tasmania | Sticks Yarra Valley | Stockman's Ridge Central Ranges Zone | Stone Bridge Wines Clare Valley | Stone Coast Wines Wrattonbully | Stumpy Gully Mornington Peninsula | Sugarloaf Ridge Southern Tasmania | Swinging Bridge Cowra | Symphonia King Valley | Symphony Hill Wines Granite Belt | T'Gallant Mornington Peninsula | Tahbilk Nagambie Lakes | Tallavera Grove Winery Hunter Valley | Taltarni Pyrenees | Tamar Ridge Northern Tasmania | Tanjil Wines Gippsland | Tar and Roses Nagambie Lakes | Tarup Ridge Winery Strathbogie Ranges | Taylors Clare Valley | TeAro Barossa Valley | Telgherry Hunter Valley | Tempus Two Hunter Valley | Ten Minutes by Tractor Mornington Peninsula | Terindah Estate Geelong | The Cups Estate Mornington Peninsula | The Garden Vineyard Mornington Peninsula | The Lane Adelaide Hills | The Pawn Wine Company Adelaide Hills | Thorn-Clarke Wines Barossa Valley | Three Willows Vineyard Northern Tasmania | Tilbrook Estate Adelaide Hills | Tim Adams Clare Valley | Tomich Hill Adelaide Hills | Toogoolah Wines Orange | Toolangi Vineyard Yarra Valley | Toombullup North King Valley | Totino Wines Adelaide Hills | Tower Estate Hunter Valley | Trentham Estate Murray Darling | Trevor Jones Fine Wines Barossa Valley | Tuck's Ridge Mornington Peninsula | Tulloch Hunter Valley | Two Italian Boys Riverina | Tyrrells Hunter Valley | Underground Winemakers Mornington Peninsula | Vale Creek Wines Central Ranges Zone | Vale Vineyard Mornington Peninsula | Velo Wines Northern Tasmania | Vinterloper Adelaide Hills | Vintina Estate Mornington Peninsula | Wakefield Estate Clare Valley | Walden Woods Farm New England | Wangolina Station Mount Benson | Warburn Estate Riverina | Way Wood Wines McLaren Vale | Waybourne Geelong | Wellington Southern Tasmania | Westend Estate Riverina | Whinstone Estate Mornington Peninsula | White Rock Vineyard Northern Tasmania | Whyworry Wines New England | Wild Cattle Creek Winery Yarra Valley | Wild Dog Winery Gippsland | Wild Fox Wines Adelaie Plains | Willow Creek Vineyard Mornington Peninsula | Willunga 100 Wines McLaren Vale | Winbirra Vineyard Mornington Peninsula | Winchelsea Estate Geelong | Wine by Sam Strathbogie Ranges | Wirruna Geelong | Witchmount Estate Sunbury | Wood Park King Valley | Word of Mouth Wines Orange | Wright Robinson of Glencoe New England | Wyuna Park Vineyard Geelong | Yabby Lake Winery Mornington Peninsula | Yarra Burn Yarra Valley | Yarra Ridge Yarra Valley | Yarran Riverina | Yaxley Estate Southern Tasmania | Yering Station Yarra Valley | Zilzie Wines Murray Darling | Zonte's Footstep Langhorne Creek

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