Glenrowan Wine Region

The Glenrowan Wine Region in the North Eastern Victorian Zone is often overlooked..

Glenrowan is a much smaller region than Rutherglen, its neighbor to the north.

Ferruginous red wines

fer-ru-gi-nous adj.
1. Associated with or containing iron. 2. Having the color of iron rust; reddish-brown.
This wonderful word is used to describe the red wines from this region. The allusion to iron implies that the wines are an ideal tonic for anaemic or 'thin-blooded' people. They used to be marketed as such. The wines certainly used to be very dense in colour and had a very high tannin, if not iron, content.
There is merely a handful of wineries here. The emphasis is on quality, rather than quantity. The region is justly famous for its fortified Muscats and Tokays. Unfortunately the name Tokay has been phased out, to be replaced by the name Topaque. This wine is made from Muscadelle grapes, but as yet the new name has not been widely recognised.

The soil is largely derived from the eroding granite of the Warby Ranges and hence deep and well drained. Vineyards thus require little or no irrigation.

The warm climate allows ripening of late maturing red wine varieties, and while the scene is currently dominated by Shiraz, there is plenty of scope for other varieties.

Wineries of the Glenrowan Wine Region

Bailey's of Glenrowan Muscadelle | Goorambath Orange muscat, Pinot gris, Tannat, Verdelho | Judds Warby Range Estate Durif | Morrisons of Glenrowan Durif, Fiano, Garganega, Tempranillo, Viognier, Zinfandel | Taminick Cellars Alicante Bouschet, Durif, Nero d'Avola, Trebbiano

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