Grenache blanc

This is a colour mutation of Grenache or Garnacha as the variety should be called given its Spanish origin.

Grenache Blanc is grown extensively in Southern France and in Spain. It is a minor variety in California and South Africa. Only small amounts are grown elsewhere.

Grenache blanc - panneau

Technically Grenache Blanc is not a separate variety. It is genetically identical to Grenache except for a small mutation affecting the colour of the grapes.  There is also another mutation - Grenache Gris - the grey or pink version.

However, for all practical purposes, it is treated as a separate variety. Grenache Blanc is most often used as an ingredient of blended whites, but it also makes attractive varietal wines, both dry and sweet.

Aphelion in McLaren Vale make a varietal Grenache Blanc under the name CallowAphelion in McLaren Vale make a varietal Grenache Blanc under the name Callow

Grenache Blanc producers In Australia

  • Aphelion McLaren Vale
  • Cherabino Margaret River
  • Dabblebrook Wines McLaren Vale
  • De Bortoli Riverina
  • Dune McLaren Vale
  • Maxwell Wines McLaren Vale
  • Orbis McLaren Vale
  • Ricca Terra Riverland
  • Samson Trail McLaren Vale
  • Schwarz Wine Company Barossa Valley
  • Thistledown McLaren Vale
  • Yangarra Estate McLaren Vale
Updated 27 Feb 2023

There are only a few producers In Australia (thus far) who are making wine from this variety so it is included in my Rare Ozzies book. 

However there seems to quite a buzz around for red Grenache at the moment and some of that enthusiasm is now rubbing off onto Grenache Blanc.

Two producers comment about Grenache Blanc

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