Peel Wine Region

The Peel Wine Region South of Perth is centered around the rapidly growing City of Mandurah. It stretches from the Indian Ocean to the Darling Range and the Darling plateau beyond.

To the south is the Geographe Wine Region.

Alternative varieites in the Peel Wine region

Vineyards were first established in the Peel region during 1850s but by the end of the nineteenth century the wine industry had disappeared. The modern era began in the middle of the 1970s with the establishment of Peel Estate.

The climate is very warm, some relief being given by sea breezes near the coast, or altitude (up to 300m) inland along the range.

A considerable proportion of the wine in the region is white made from the Western Australian classic varieties Chenin blanc and Verdelho supplemented more recently with Chardonnay.

As is the case in most Australian wine regions Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon are the red wine varieties of choice but a significant number of wineries are thinking outside the square and using Tempranillo - the rising star of Australian red wine varieties.

Regional Pioneer Will Nairn at Peel Estate has had success with Zinfandel, and more laterly Savagnin. 

Bernie Worthington at Drakesbrook is producing wines from several alternative varieties.

and using Tempranillo - the rising star of Australian red wine varieties.

Alternative varieties in the Peel regions

  • Drakesbrook Wines Cabernet Franc, Fiano, Malbec, Petit Verdot, Sangiovese, Savagnin, Tempranillo
  • Hotham Ridge Winery Chenin Blanc, Tempranillo, Zinfandel
  • Peel Estate Chenin Blanc, Savagnin, Souzao, Tinto Cao, Trincadeira, Touriga, Zinfandel
  • Peel Ridge Chenin Blanc, Nebbiolo, Tempranillo
  • Stakehill Estate Chenin Blanc, Durif, Tarrango, Tempranillo, Vermentino
  • Tanglefoot Winery Vermentino, Zinfandel
  • Windy Creeek Estate Chenin Blanc, Tempranillo, Touriga, Vermentino
Updated 28 Dec 2023

Pictures from WA WIneries

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