Orange Muscat wine variety

Orange Muscat is a white grape variety.  In Australia it is most often found in North Eastern Victoria. There was some disagreement about whether it is really closely related to the other Muscat grape varieties, but now DNA evidence shows it is a cross between Muscat a Petit Grains and Chasselas.  The formal name of the Variety is Muscal Fleur d'Orange.

Montebello use Orange Muscat in a blend with VermentinoMontebello use Orange Muscat in a blend with Vermentino

As the name suggests Orange Muscat wines have a strong aroma of oranges. In some wines this is quite overpowering, and it gives the impression that the wine will be sweet. This is not always the case. Some Orange Muscats are quite dry, just as some aromatic Gewurztraminers are quite dry.

Wines made from this variety seems to lack the sweetness and lushness of other Muscats so this part of the name is a distraction.

Orange Muscat is used to make varietal wines and it also contributes to blends such as Brown Brothers Blend with flora and Montebello's blend with Vermentino.

Orange Muscat in Australia

  • All Saints Estate Rutherglen
  • Black and Ginger Grampians
  • Brown Brothers King Valley
  • Bunyip Hollow North East Victoria
  • Calico Town Beechworth
  • Monichino Wines Goulburn Valley
  • Montebello Estate Hunter Valley
  • Scion Vineyard Rutherglen
  • St Leonards Rutherglen
Updated 10 Dec 2020

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