New Australian producers of rare varietals in Australia

Since the Rare Ozzies book was published in late 2019 several producers of these varieties have come to my attention.  They are listed below.  If you know of more producers of these varieties please let me know 

Susuro Friulano is a Rareozzies variety  Grown on the Mornington Peninsula.Susuro Friulano


Bay of Shoals Arinto from Kangaroo Island.Bay of Shoals Arinto from Kangaroo Island.

An amazing Spanish variety now making its mark in Australia.  In the Rare Ozzies book there are seven producers mentioned, along with comments from Ash Radcliff of Ricca Terra, Val Bassham of Bassham Wines Lynn Rathgen of Whistling Eagle and Natasha Killeen of Stanton and Killeen.

Latest producers include Bay of Shoals from Kangaroo Island (above) and Linnaea Vineyards of Heathcote (below).  That's their label below.

Arinto produced in Heathcote by LinnaeaArinto produced in Heathcote by Linnaea


Main and Cherry Grillo from the Adelaide HillsGrillo from the Adelaide Hills

Main and Cherry from the Adelaide Hills have joined the list of producers of this Sicilian white wine variety.  They have also added another Sicilian white namely Inzolia.

The Rare Ozzies book includes list of the producers of this variety including By Jingo, Blaxland Wine Group, Lino Ramble and Parish Hill Wines.  Andrew Cottell of Parish Hill includes comments about the variety.


Inzolia from the Adelaide HillsInzolia from the Adelaide Hills

Inzolia is a Sicilian white wine variety. It is also grown in Tuscany under the name of Ansonica.  Heritage Estate and Hidden Creek in the Granite Belt and Main and Cherry in the Adelaide Hills are now producers of this Rare Ozzies variety.  

Included in the Rare Ozzies book are comments by Andrew Cottell of Parish Hill Wines. Chalmers of Heathcote also produce a wine under its alternative name of Ansonica.

Orange Muscat

Montebello in the Hunter Valley now make a blend of Orange Muscat with Vermentino


Norton red wine made by Bago

Norton is widely regarded as the best of the American vine species to produce a wine which tastes most like wine made from V.vinifera. In fact many tasters cannot distinguish Norton from wines made with European varieties.

It is rare in Australia. The only producer is Bago Vineyards in the Hastings River region of NSW.

Prieto Picudo

Prieto Picudo made by Matriarch and Rogue winery in the Clare Valley using Riverland GrapesPrieto Picudo made by Matriarch and Rogue

Included in Rare Ozzies

Bassham Wines, Riverland Rare Ozzies book includes comments by Val Bassham.

New Producer

Matriarch and Rogue, Clare Valley (from Riverland grapes). Hidden Creek in the Granite Belt.

Ribolla Gialla

Ribolla Gialla vine at Sinapius Northern TasmaniaRibolla Gialla vine at Sinapius Northern Tasmania

Included in Rare Ozzies

Moondarra (Gippsland)

Quealy Mornington Peninsula

New Producer

Sinapius, Northern Tasmania


An unusual blend of the familiar Pinot Noir with the much less known ZweigeltAn unusual blend of the familiar Pinot Noir with the much less known Zweigelt.

This variety is the most popular red variety in its Austrian homeland. In Australia Zweigelt wines are produced by Andrew Peace in the Swan Hill Region of Victoria and Hahndorf Hill in the Adelaide Hills, both of which are included in the Rare Ozzies book.  The book also includes comments by Larry Jacobs of Hahndorf Hill.

Mt Bera in the Adelaide Hills also use this variety in blend with Pinot Noir.

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