Wine Books on Kindle

Downloadable wine books are a great way of taking all of your wine references with you - whenever and wherever you need wine information.

See a few selected downloadable books in this store.

The great thing about Kindle books is that you don't need a Kindle Reader to read them!

Kindle is a convenient way to read Kindle books but you can download free apps to read them on many IT devices, Macs, PCs, iPads etc...

See Amazon for details about how you can by a Kindle - there are several models, or about how you can easily download the appropriate free app to read your Kindle books.

A growing list of wine titles is available including of course these published by Yours Truly

There are lots of times when you'd like to look up information about an obscure wine variety or region. It is easier to carry a Kindle in your pocket than a library.

Of course you can use your Kindle to read more books than just your wine books - you can read fiction, travel guides, anything.

In fact the best selling Kindle books at the moment are Stieg Larsson novels.

What is Kindle?

Kindle is the electronic book reading device marketed by Amazon the world's biggest bookstore. There are hundreds of thousands of titles that have been published on Kindle including lots of great wine books.

Why use Kindle when you can buy the real book?

  • You can download the book almost instantaneously
  • Kindle readers, either the standard edition or the new larger model are extremely portable. They fit easily into your pocket or purse.
  • The capacity is enormous you can carry a whole library with you.
  • You can refer to your kindle wine book at a restaurant, in a bottle shop, on a wine tour, at home or overseas.
  • Kindle books can be read on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, PC, BlackBerry, Android, Kindle, and Kindle DX

Some recommended books for your Kindle library

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