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The following wine businesses sponsor Vinodiversity.  They offer good value and are recommended.

Bremerton Wines in Langhorne Creek

This winery produces alternative  varieties such as Fiano, Vermentino, Graciano, Lagrein, Malbec and Tempranillo.

Cuppit's cellar door in the South Coast Zone of NSW

You can help Vinodiversity spread the word about alternative varieties by sponsoring certain pages on this website. Sponsorship is available for all of the regional pages and also for the variety pages.

We offer two forms of sponsorship slots.

The top banner slot.

Only one slot per page. You can get an idea of what a sponsor banner will look like at the top of this page.

Image and text fully customisable. Links from image and text back to your website, or a specific page of your website.  

Sidebar slots. 

Up to three for each page. These will be included in a side box next to the list of wineries and varieties (Regional Pages) and also the list of wineries and regions on Varietal Pages.

Similar sidebar sponsorship slots available on most pages of vinodiversity.

Again fully customisable.

Benefits of sponsoring

You will get your brand in front of informed and engaged audience.

Vinodiveristy website gets a moderate amount of traffic, but it is highly targeted.  Basically only people who are interested in stepping out of the comfort zone of traditional wine varieites visit the website.

Over the past few months I have been revising an updating the pages of Vinodiversity to rejuvenate the look of the site and to refresh the listings.  Traffic and reader engagement is steadily increasing.

Your winery listing will not be lost in the long and growing roll call of wineries in your region or who are making wine from the same varieties  as you.

You get 12 months exposure on a vinodiversity page  (or pages) of most relevance to you.

You will be able to see how much traffic is generated for you from vinodiversity via my analytics or yours.

A limited number of sponsorships are available.

Only reputable and reliable businesses will be featured.   At first only wineries will be offered sponsorship deals.  Later I may open sponsorship to related businesses such as wine tour companies, accommodation and restaurants in wine regions etc. But my priority is helping alternative variety wineries.


As an introductory offer I am pricing the sponsorships at a low level. As demand builds I intend to increase the prices.  But I will maintain the price for at least three years for anyone who joins the program before the end of January.

You may wish to sponsor more than one page.  Perhaps a region page and a couple of varieties.  Fine.  I can offer a discount.

Top Banner $80.  Per annum payable in advance

Side banner slots $40 each Per annum payable in advance


10% if you  buy two sponsor slots (eg one on a region page, one on a variety page)

20% if you buy three or more.

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