Central Ranges wine Zone

The Central Ranges Wine Zone is a wine growing region in New South Wales to the west of Sydney, across the Blue Mountains on the inland side of the Great Dividing Range. 

It includes the formally recognised wine regions of Cowra, Mudgee and Orange.

The Australian System of Geographic Indicators includes a hierarchy of defined areas. Regions are contained in larger areas called zones, but there are areas and vineyards in the zones which lie outside the regions.

On this page we discuss the wineries in the Central Ranges Wine Zone but not in the regions mentioned above.

Some wineries in this zone around Bathurst may eventually become incorporated into a formally recognised region.

It is difficult to generalise about the climate of such a large and diverse tract of land but we can safely say that the climate is cool in the higher more rugged eastern part of the Zone, on the western side the topography becomes increasingly flat and the climate hotter and drier.

Thus the potential for further viticultural development for fine wine production outside the regions is mainly on the eastern side.

Alternative varieties in The Central ranges Zone

  • Banderra Estate Colombard, Mourvedre
  • Bell River Estate Grenache, Pinot gris
  • Chateau Champsaur Colombard
  • Monument Vineyard Barbera, Marsanne, Nebbiolo, Pinot gris, Ruby Cabernet, Sangiovese, Verdelho
  • Vale Creek Wines Arneis, Barbera, Dolcetto, Lagrein, Moscato, Pinot gris, Sangiovese, Vermentino

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