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Where to buy Alternative varietals

Readers sometimes ask me where can they buy alternative varietal wines. Some of the more esoteric wines described on this site are a little hard to find. But this page might help you

If you are like me you want to try as many new and different wines as possible without breaking the bank. At the same time we want to support the (mostly) smaller wineries who are the pioneers of the wonderful new wine varieties we now have to choose from. In other words we are looking for a fair deal, for ourselves and for the producers.

Basically there are a few ways to get some of these wines.

  1. Direct from the the Maker. 
    Visiting wineries is a pleasant way to spend your weekends or holidays. You can taste, often chat to the winemaker and buy any amount from a single bottle up. Most wineries now have a facility to order online, or you can always ring up to order.

  2. Buy from an Online Merchant.
    There are many of these, easily found via a simple internet search. They vary in the range of wines they sell and in the cost of delivery. The advantage of using these merchants is that you can make up a mixed 6 pack or dozen of wines from a particular region or variety.

    For example, if you want to explore the Fiano variety you can get six bottles from six different regions/producers and see which you prefer. Then you might be confident enough to buy a full box direct from the maker.

    I have a partnership deal with Wine Selectors who provide a good range, reasonable prices, occasional specials and fair shipping costs. I get a small percentage of the revenue if you buy after clicking through to Wine Selectors from Vinodiversity. You pay the same price regardless.

    I also recommend Different Drop, and Naked Wines, but I don't have an affiliate relationship with either of these.

  3. Join an online wine club.
    These deliver wine at regular intervals, most often every three or six months.  Again you can find plenty of these with a simple internet search. The clubs vary greatly in their mode of operation, particularly in what choice you have in the composition of your delivery.

    Many wineries have a wine club, often which have evolved out of their old mail order system. If you are happy with regular deliveries from a single producer these can be great way to keep your cellar topped up. I get wine from the Tahbilk Club this way.

  4. Visit a good bottle shop.
    Again this is a good way to spend part of your weekend. I suggest you try to find a small independent retailer rather than use a chain. Why? Because you want to build up a relationship with the retailer. In bigger stores you are less likely to be served by the same person every visit. Also prefer to support small businesses, both at the production and distribution levels.

    Finding a good bottle shop can be a little tricky so I have asked may readers for their recommendations. 

    See this page to help or be helped in the quest for a good wine retailer.

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This dozen contains 2 bottles from each of six different producers in several regions. It gives you a good overview of the styles of Australian Tempranillo.

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