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Several Australian winemakers comments on the heat waves in early 2013 and its effects on different grape varieties. Thes are the comments received by 14 January.

Mark Lloyd of Coriole in MacLaren Vale South Australia sparked this conversation with an observation
Looking at some vineyards after the latest hot day there are signs of damaged berries but not in Nero d'Avola or Cabernet or Fiano

Jenny Semmler of 919 Wines in Riverland South Australia commented that only Durif had been effected in their vineyard, but that the timing of the heatwave was compared to the stage of development of the berries was important.

Pippa Neilsen has reported from Western Australia

Here at Vineyard 28 in Geographe we experienced above 37 degrees for 7 continuous days just before veraison. The Arneis has coped well and is unaffected by the heat. We've had some loss to our Muscat on the west side where it gets afternoon sun. Similarly for the Nebbiolo and our young Dolcetto. The west side fruit has been burnt and lost. Paticularly anywhere there is less canopy. But this is not untypical at this time of the year if we have such heat prior to veraison.

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