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Italian Wine Country Maps

The extent and complexity of Italian wine country can only be seen by looking at a map of the wine regions.

Below are a few maps available online to help you find your way around, for your wall, or as an armchair traveller.

If you are planning a wine trip to Italy you will find one of these maps a great place to start.

Perhaps you would like to see some more information about wine regions in Italy from Vinodiversity.

Or perhaps someone has given you a bottle of Italian wine and you'd like to find out exactly where in Italy it is from.

Check out the maps below.

De Long's Info - The best wine maps

De Long's Wine maps are the most accurate and up to date wine maps available anywhere. Each measures 24 x 36 inches and is printed on heavyweight acid-free archival paper.

Find out how you can get this Italian wine map from vinodiversity

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