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Vinodiversity and small wineries

I have always been impressed by the diversity of wine producers in Australia. We have huge multinationals down to single operator vineyard/wineries. The result from the consumer point of view is a wide choice of styles of wine. But the industry is constantly under pressure from market forces where the big guys try to get even bigger. That's true of wine producers and distributors. The collateral damage, intended or not, is the little guys get squeezed.

As a consumer I have benefited enormously from having many choices of Australian wine on offer. That's one of the great things about wine, every wine is different and there is always more to explore, discover, enjoy and discuss. But the choices can only be maintained if people keep buying something different. One of my motivations in setting up Vinodiversity is that I want to encourage people to try something different. And something different is often what comes from smaller operations. In fact it is only in the past couple of years that most of the big operations have caught onto the potential of interesting alternative varieties.

It is the small producers who are the innovators in wine and I hope you will help support them by occasionally stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something different.

Enjoy boutique wine direct from the winery's cellar door - via - the fastest and easiest way to enjoy the boutique winery tour experience from Australia's best wine regions, without driving hundreds of kilometres to get there.

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