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Stories about two pioneering wine projects
January 15, 2017

Pioneering story 1.

I have just loaded a story onto about establishing a Nebbiolo vineyard in the Beechworth Region. Nebbiolo is regarded as a difficult variety to grow , and to make wine with.

Karen Coats tells about the trials and tribulations she and her partner had in establishing Virago, their vineyard in Beechworth, and how the dream of producing wine from this challenging variety just kept the project going.
See the story here: Nebbiolo Sweat and Tears

Pioneering Story 2

My friend Sue Bell has a pioneering project of a different kind. She has been a pioneer with alternative varieites for some time, being at the forefront of producing wines from Vermentino, Nero d'Avola and Montepulciano.

But now she has taken on the task of converting Glen Roy, her historic woolshed-cum-winery, over to solar power. Seems like an Australian first to me. Maybe a world first. And she is upgrading her camping facilities on the property, just to the north of Coonawarra.

Sue is raising funds via the crowdfunding system Pozible. Contributors to the program get rewards for their pledges of financial support. For example if you pledge $300 you will get a box of some of sue's superb alternative varietal wines. But you will have to hurry. Limited quantity and the Pozible program ends this Friday.

You can read about the project, and perhaps pledge support, via the link below.
Bellwether Winery Pozible Project

Maps Reminder

I now have a full range of De Long Wine Maps (except the French Metro map) and the wine Grape Varietal Table available for shipping.

Check out the range here Products

Coming to Italy in 2017?

There are still places at Terronia the Wine School of Southern Italy. The course will be held in May 2017. You might like to check the details at

this page on Vinodiversity.


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