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Using Pinterest andVinodiversity to tour Aussie Wineries
January 11, 2017

Hi, Welcome to the 13th year of Vinodiversity.

So much has changed in that time. Our wine industry is more exciting and diverse than ever, despite the effort of the supermarket duopoly to commodify our wonderful product.

One of the things i have been working on over the past few weeks is using the Pinterest platform to promote the wineries in each State who are using alternative varieties.

Pinterest is an interesting Social Media platform. It is under-utilised but it does contain lots of useful info if you dig a little deeper.

the system is based on collections of images, called pins, organised by users into collections called.boards

One use for it is to collect information for travel planing. Use the search function to get a visual overview of where you might like to go.

When you see something of interest you can click on the image and see the website from where it originated.

You can also SAVE the pin to one of your own boards, so you can easily find it again. you can also email pins to someone else.

After a few minutes of browsing you will find you have built the outline of your next trip, either to a wine region or maybe just down to your local bottle shop.

I have set up a few Pinterest boards you might like to check out. They are shared boards with input from alternative variety wineries in each state.

Have a browse. Follow the boards that interest you. Feel free to share or repin any of the images that appeal to you.

Shared Boards on Pinterest

Pinterest wines of Western Australia
Pinterest wines of South Australia
Alternative Varieties in Victorian Wineries
If you have a winery producing alternative varietal wines you might like to join in with the shared boards. You might find Pinterest a useful adjunct to your promotional efforts.

Email me and I will give you some details including a brief tutorial on how to make the most out of Pinterest.

Maps Reminder

I now have a full range of De Long Wine Maps (except the French Metro map) and the wine Grape Varietal Table available for shipping.

Check out the range here Products

Email Darby

Coming to Italy in 2017?

There are still places at Terronia the Wine School of Southern Italy. The course will be held in May 2017. You might like to check the details at

this page on Vinodiversity.



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