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Wine Prospecting and more
November 02, 2016

You are able to read this newsletter because in 2004 I discovered an online service called SBI! - Site Build It!

Quite by accident.


I was considering retirement, or at least changing jobs.

SBI! is a business building tool for solopreneurs. Don't worry, I didn't know what a solopreneur was then either. It turns out that I was able to build a part time business based around my hobby. SBI! helped me build the Vinodiversity website and publish this newsletter and, and, and...

Anyway the story continues in this blog post which you might like to read.


The Wine Prospector

One of the interesting things about the wine industry is that there are all sorts of roles and niches to fill at the human end of the spectrum. Let's forget about the multinational-supermarket-industrial-supply-chain end of the spectrum for now, and see what one adventurer from Adelaide is doing.

John Weeks describes himself as living the dream of

"Roam the world, meet interesting people, and drink their wine"

He has recently published and e-book called The Wine Prospector. It contains lots of entertaining anecdotes and advice for anyone who wants to follow that dream. Or you can just be an armchair traveller and dream along.

You can get your copy here from Smashwords


Order early for Christmas

If you are thinking about buying a Vinodiversity product for Christmas I suggest you put in your order early. I use Auspost to distribute De Long's Maps and the Wine Grape Varietal Table. I am temporarily out of stock of the Wine Map of France. But have the others in Stock. Checkout the Products page to see the range

This weekend is the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show in Mildura. I will be making my 11th trip. Next Newsletter I will report on a few of the more interesting wines of the 700+ wines made from 100+ varieties on show.



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