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New Alternative Wine Supplier, Keeping in Touch
August 15, 2013

OK, I know I don't send this newsletter out as often as I used to. But I have some interesting news, and below you can find how to access more frequent Alternative Varietal News

New Merchant Partner for Vinodiversity

My friend Tim Althus has closed his Secret Vines business. Thank you to those who bought wine from him via my website. But one door closes and another one opens, well after a while.

So now I have a new supplier called Different Drops. Great name, it's just what all of us Vinodiversity lovers are constantly looking for.

The guys at different drops are enthusiasts for small, obscure even, winemakers. And they just love alternative varieties. So I am very excited to have them on board.

At the moment their range is not huge, but WOW! look at the varieties they have: Graciano, Malbec, Sangiovese, Gewurztraminer, Zinfandel, Barbera, Tempranillo, Grenache Pinot gris.

The crew at Different Drops also know how to find good winemakers. Want "proof" Well one of the winery suppliers to Different Drops recently won the prize for Best Red Wine at Melbourne's Federation Square Regional Wine Showcase.

STOP PRESS: Today a new offer has been posted. A six pack of Emerging Varietals! And for just $99. Check it out.

This supplier ships only to Australia. I may have another merchant who covers NZ and Australia later.

Updated pages on Vinodiversity

I have been busy updating pages on Vinodiversity to reflect the growing use of alternative varieties by Australian Wineries. You can see the most recently updated pages at Australian Wine Blog or use the varietal and regional pages to check out your favourites.

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Now what?

You really should check out some different wine at Different Drops

By the way with Fathers Day coming up why not drop a hint to your kids that you'd love a wine map or wine varietal table as a gift.

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