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November 30, 2009

Vinodiversity newsletter is now published on the Vinodiversity site, rather than as an email letter.

It's holiday season again. Time to think about gifts and holidays. I've got a couple of suggestions in the newsletter.

This month I have just set up the Vinodiversity Hotel Bookings finder. This is a newish service which allows you to find hotels and book online. Ho Hum I hear you say, but this service takes your online service a little further.

Yes there are dozens of online hotel booking services. However, Vinodiversity allows you to compare what dealsthe others are offering for the same hotel. Rather than scrambling thru dozens of services you can just go to and the little gremlins will rush around all the other online services and build up a list of hotels, and the prices offered by the other services. You will be surprised at how much the prices differ. has an excellent coverage of Australian cities and regions, especially wine regions. Try it for Margaret River - you'll get about 60 hotels displayed and be able to book through the service offering the best rates for each hotel.

So note down that address - - no need to worry about the www bit! When you book you'll save time and get the best rate and I'll get a small commission from the booking fee.

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