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Sangiovese cookbook from Vinodiversity
June 12, 2008

June Vinodiversity News

In this issue

1. New Sangiovese Cookbook released

2. Riedel glassware for under $20.00

3. Wine grape variety charts

4. Wine shows

5. Feedback

6. New wine outlet at Victoria Market

1. New Sangiovese Cookbook released

I've been promising/threatening a cookbook for what seems like years now. I'm still working on it. But as a teaser I've released "10 Dishes for Sangiovese" as an eCookBook.

I'm using it as an incentive for people to sign up for this newsletter. But as you are already a subscriber I've decided to let you share in the booty.

You can download your own copy from this page (You'll need Acrobat reader)

Save it to your computer, print a copy for yourself, grab a bottle of sangiovese or two and head for the kitchen.

Note it is your personal copy. If you wish to pass it on to friends please ask them to subscribe to Vinodiversity News themselves by going to This page

2. Riedel glassware for under $20.00:I'm not Joking!

I've started up a little gift store, based on a few popular items and a portal into some of the more interesting auctions on eBay. I just couldn't believe how cheap some of the gear is on eBay, especially stuff like glassware, Decanters, Riedel and more.

So if you want to find an inexpensive or unusual gift for someone special you should have a browse around. You can but something for yourself as well, if you are a Vinodiversity News reader you're special too.

For Aussies start at

If you are in the US try

3. Wine grape variety charts

Sometimes I get a run on orders for the wine variety table. It always happens when there is a supply problem so I've run out again, call it synchronicity, or bad karma or just say "he's losing his marbles already and he's only fifty-something". Don't ever offer me a job in logistics. If you want a chart, a look at this page. I'll resume deliveries to Aussie customers in July.

4. Wine shows If you are lucky enough to live in Melbourne, or if you are visiting see for the program of tasting at Fed Square. July features Mornington Peninsula and August is the annual awards night.

Also coming up is the Australian Alternative varieties wine show, during the first week in November. see the AAVWS site for details.

5. Feedback

If you want to make a comment about this newsletter to me just hit your reply button.

If you want to tell a story or have a rave about a wine related topic for all the world to see go to the Readers Wine Advice Page. Or just go and see what other Vinodiversity readers are saying.

6. Rewine at Victoria Market

My friends from Rewine have opened an outlet at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. They are in A shed, way up in the North Western Corner. They have a full range of wine for tasting, including a tempranillo, a gamay, a viognier and a marsanne. All available at good prices. Tell them vinodiversity sent you.

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