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Best wines of 2008, Leftover turkey, Merry Christmas
December 21, 2008

Just a note rather than a newsletter this time. In case you missed it the full December Vinodiversity News is online now.

I know you haven't started on the turkey yet but you are sure to have some leftovers. So I have posted a nice recipe for you on my Albarino to Zinfandel recipe site. Leftover Turkey Recipe

My friend Brian Winzor has contributed his 10 best wines of 2008. They are all reds and all alternatives. As a bonus he has posted the results of some comparative tastings he and some friends have done. See Brian's list here. You can add your comments or post your own list of top wines of 2008. Something to think about while you are recovering from the leftover turkey.

Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy some new and alternative varietal wines over the holidays and through 2009. Thank you to all my readers, and especially those who have bought products through Vinodiversity.

Vinodiversity will be back, bigger and better than ever next year.

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