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James Halliday Wine Companion 2009
July 31, 2008

August Newsletter

Do one of your friends (and me) a favour. Please forward this Newsletter on to a friend who may be interested. If you have received this issue via a friend you can visit to get your very own copy next time. (without dog ears)


  • James Halliday Wine Companion 2009
  • Albzin's Recipe for Steak and Kidney Sponge
  • 10 dishes for Sangiovese
  • Fed Square annual awards
  • Alternative Wine Varieties Show
  • Wine gifts
  • Have you got anything to say?

James Halliday Wine Companion 2009

The official publication date of this wonderful book is 1 August but it is now in the shops in Melbourne. You can see my summary of the book and order a copy from the Vinodiversity website.

A quick flick through the book shows that the structure is very similar to last year's. As usual the high accolades are reserved for the mainstream varieties.

For the statistically minded

  • 5778 Tasting notes (last year 5836)
  • 169 New wineries (218)
  • 1661 Wineries profiled (1740)
I'll post a more comprehensive review on the website over the next week or two.

Why order your Companion by post? Well it might take a while to get to your neck of the woods. When you take the discount from the RRP you wil find it just about pays for the postage, Second and subsequent books in the same order are post free so order a second copy to give as a gift, or you could buy another book.

Note to my overseas friends. You can order the book for international shipping from Vinodiversity's book supplier. Sometimes the book does not get released in overseas markets for several months. Order your copy from this link You will find the freight charges are quite reasonable.

A winter warming recipe from Albzin

Winter time is great wine drinking time. Get out those old Shirazes and Durifs and make a hearty Beef stew to go with them. Better still try this Steak and kidney sponge recipe...old fashioned but good.

10 Dishes for Sangiovese

Have you downloaded your copy of 10 dishes for Sangiovese yet? It's a free gift for you as a subscriber to Vinodiversity News. Download your copy from this link

Annual Victorian Wine Awards at Federation Square

The Victorian Wine Regions Showcase will hold their annual awards presentation and public tasting on Wednesday and Thursday the 6 and 7 August. If you haven't been to these shows before I suggest you brave the Melbourne winter evening see some of the best wines from the best wine growing state in Australia.

You can check out the 46 finalists, and later read the results on my summary page.

Get a discounted ticket here

Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show

The Annual AAVWS is held in Mildura duriing the first week of November. It is the major event for all of us interested in the innovative varieties. Wineries wishing to enter wines need to do so before 19 September. You can see further details, for exhibitors as well as for public events at the AAVWS website.

Wine gifts for someone special

I have just a few Wine Grape Varietal Tables in stock, with another batch arriving soon.

Have you considered using auctions as a source of unusual wine gifts for yourself or a friend? You will surprised at what you might find. See my tips for finding unique wine gifts

Have you got something to say?

You can contact me by replying this email. Winemakers may wish to use this newsletter to advise the vinodiverse crowd of any events that may be coming up.

If you want to share your opinion or information with the world then why not use the Readers advice facility on Vinodiversity. Winemakers may wish to use this service to advise the vinodiverse crowd of any events that may be coming up.

Have you missed something?

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