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In January 2006 I published Emerging Varietal Wines of Australia. This was the first publication to deal with the rapidly expanding alternative varietal wine scene.

At that time first winemakers then consumers were discovering that there was more to life than just Shiraz and Chardy. It was obvious that a lot was happening, and wine consumers were looking for more information...that's why I started Vinodiversity.

A lot has happened since 2006. We have had a wine glut and then a wine scarcity and now we are back into a glut. But the number of wineries and the number of wine grape varieties used in Australia has continued to grow.

The number of wineries in my database of those using alternative varieties has risen by 60% in just five years.

Pinot gris and Sangiovese were definitely 'alternative' back then, but now they are arguably mainstream.

Tempranillo is hot on their heels and in my humble opinion is well on the way to becoming a premium variety in Australia.

A whole host of Southern Italian varieties - aglianico, greco, grecanico, sagrantino, vermentino, nero d'Avola etc are now making their mark.

So it is time to update the book, under a new name Vinodiversity the Book. Of course every serious lover of Australian wine knows about Vinodiversity the website, but Vinodiversity is now multi media!

Vinodiversity is available as a paperback and also an eBook. You can even get a Kindle version of it!

What's inside?

The book is based on the information I have collected to write and maintain Vinodiversity.

Here is a sample page

vinodiversity book sample


130 plus grape varieties used commercially in Australia are described.

80 plus Australian wine Zones, Regions and Sub-regions are described and the wineries using alternative varieties are listed.

1600 plus Australian wineries are indexed, including the region, web address if available and the alternative varieties used.

Vinodiversity the Book contains about 200 pages in paperback format

You can see a preview of the electronic version here It is identical in content to the Printed version.

Where can you get your copy?

See the range of ordering options here

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