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Wine Tasting Notebook

A better way to record and organise your notes

wine tasting notebook

Keeping notes is the crucial to profitable and enjoyable wine tasting.

Learnig about wine is a life long process. You cannot rely on your memory to store all of your impressions and knowledge

The more you learn about wine the more you need a systematic way to record your impressions. I have been tasting and enjoying wine for nearly 40 years, but unfortunately I haven't kept notes for much of that time. Now that I have retired, and earn my living from wine, I really regret this.

Yes, I have retired, but still have to earn a living.

Now there is a new way to learn how to taste and organise your notes.

You will have a permanent record of what you tasted, when and where. With a little practice, and the help from the information-packed 8 page insert you will soon be writing tasting notes like a pro.

Steve De Long is the author of the best selling wine grape varietal table.

Here's what your wine tasting notebook includes

wine tasting notebook

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