Wine Pairing Recipes Online

by Stephanie Hample
(Long Lake, NY, USA)

Steph Says

I am really interested in getting my mom a wine club membership for Christmas but it is out of my price range this year. Instead I decided to create my own wine club for her where I buy a wine and pair it with a recipe.

There are sites that pair wines with foods but it seems as though it's not a real specific pairing, meaning the same recipe is under multiple wine varieties. My mom is a red wine drinker exclusively...snob (just messing) and I saw your article for recipes that pair with Sangiovese but I was wondering if you had other articles to pair other red wines?
I have this started but I'm not impressed or excied with what I have found so far. I don't want to do JUST the typical red wines and typical recipes, I'd like to shake things up and have the try new red wines and new recipes.
Do you have anything you can share with me or other websites you suggest? I'd be happy to share my "year of pairing" with anyone in return for some help in finding some cool recipes and wine! :)

Any help is appreciated!


Steph Hample

Darby replies
Steph, I will throw this one open for any other Vinodiversity readers to comment, but I will make a few comments.
I am just starting a new website at, which will be along the lines that you have mentioned - more specific receommendations, for regions of Italy wines and foods, not just a generic Chianti and Pizza approach.

A wonderful pairing I discovered recently was my Darby's famous Tapenade recipe ( and a light bodied Lagrein wine from Di Lusso in Mudgee, NSW.

Please contact me via the form at contact.html and we can perhaps look at ways to develop your "year of pairing" into a collaborative project.

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