Wine gifts for the discerning winelover

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Buying gifts for a wine buff can be intimidating. If you chose the wrong wine he (or she) will have to pretend to like it. And you don't want to embarrass yourself by exposing your ignorance.

A better idea might be to buy a wine accessory, a piece of wine art, or maybe something from left field.

First you might find some inspiration from th range of products on Vinodiversity's Products page.

See the list of Wine Maps and the Wine Grape Varietal Table here

Here are a few gift ideas you might consider for a wine buff who thinks he has everything... or why not just treat yourself?

Wine Gift Suggestions from Vinodiversity

Think outside the square! The wine grape varietal table makes a great gift idea
wine grape varietal table gift

A gift for the wine collector

All you need to know about building, filling and maintaining a first class cellar.

Wine Cellar expert Chris Miley takes you through all the steps from design right through to the right temperature to serve your wine.

This ebook can be downloaded instantly. You can print it off and used to get you going on your project right away.

The cost is very modest compared to the money you can save in doing the job well, and saving wine spoillage due to poor cellar design.

More details about this book

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Wine Map of Iberian Peninsula

Wine Map of Spain

Wine Map of California

California wine map

Wine Map of Italy

Italian wine map

Wine Map France

Wine map of France

Metro Wine Map of France

Metro Wine map of France

Wine Grape Varietal Table

Wine grape varietal table
- not a map but very informative