Viticulture on South Coast of NSW

by Michael
(Moruya, NSW)

Michael Asks:

I am a viticulture novice wanting to plant some vines in my parents property which is 8km inland of the south coast of NSW near a town called Moruya which lies just south of the Shoalhaven Coast wine region at a latitude of 35 degrees.

My aim is to grow grapes with the view of making both white and red wine at home for the family's consumption. I plan to start by planting 30 vines initially and work up from there. The primary viticulture hazards in this region are vintage rainfall and mildew. I have been suggested Chambourcin which is a high yield disease resistant vine but i don't particularly enjoy the wine it produces.

I am currently considering Semillon and Tempranillo. I was hoping someone could help me with my decision.

Thank you for your time.


Darby Says
I'll make just a couple of comments Michael and throw the discussion over to other readers.
Growing a few grapes in the backyard can be enjoyable hobby while you do some on the ground research for a larger project.

I agree with your comments about the varieties, but there are a couple of others you might consider. Verdelho would also grow well there I think. It is not a fashionable variety but I think it does make fresh young wines. Another white variety to consider is Savagnin, the stuff we thought was Albarino. I remember a couple of years ago someone from the region told me it was a good variety in the region from a disease point of view. Another red wine variety worth considering is Tannat.

My other piece of advice is to seek local advice. Ask and try the wines at the local wineries, especially those who have been around a while.

If any other Vinodiversity readers have an opinion, please share via the comments.

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