Every vintage is different, and this is even more so with alternative varieties. So how will the vintage 2005 unfold?

For many varieties the majority of the plantings in Australia are still in the experimental stage. New varieties are being tested in new areas where there is no established body of experience for matching up viticultural and winemaking practice in differing environments. The quality parameters of the fruit from young vines are also changing as the vines mature. Add these factors to the constant vagaries of the weather during the growing season and we have plenty of challenges for both growers and winemakers. It all adds up to a sense of anticipation for the discerning consumer.

The 2005 vintage in Australia is also taking place in an environment of tighter financial conditions, with oversupply and the high Australian dollar causing some growers to 'drop' their grapes.

2005 Reports
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John Gehrig Wines in the King Valley have reported on their Chenin Blanc, Durif and Gamay.

Andrew Peace Wines at Piangil in the Swan Hill wine region have just finished the first vintage of their Sagrantino.

Veritas Winery in the Barossa Valley reports on Grenache, Mataro and Viognier crops.

The Grove Vineyard in Margaret River reports on Tempranillo and Graciaono.

Provenance Wines in the Geelong Region have had a good year for Pinot gris.

Arrowfield reports on Sangiovese, Tempranillo and Vedelho vinatges

Peel Estate in WA reports on its Cabernet franc, Verdelho and Zinfandel.

Rutherglen Estates in North Easten Victoria has had a great year for their Rhone and Italian varietals.

Eldridge Estate at Red Hill says that 2005 is a great year on the Mornington Peninsula, especially for their Gamay.

Vinodiversity hopes to bring its readers the latest information about the 2005 vintage from makers of alternative varietal wines as the vintage proceeds. As this page is progressively updated notices wil be posted onto the Vinodiversity blog or you can use the tags at the left to get a RSS feed to stay up to date

Winemakers who wish to contribute reports for the 2006 Vintage can view some suggestions and guidelines and use the form attached to

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