Veritas Winery Vintage Report 2005

Rolf and Binder and his family operate Veritas Winery in the Barossa Valley. Rolf maintains a diary on his web page which at this time of the year includes a bucket-by-bucket account (well almost) of the work of getting the grapes in. Here is the entry for 26 March 2005:

We are about half way through vintage. The ripening had stalled then a very hot spell from the 12th March pushed the grapes forward and we were caught napping. It is now a mad panic with grapes coming from everywhere. This is a better than average vintage but it is a bit hard to be definitive. I want to see the wines made before I give final comments as the sudden burst of hot weather has me a bit troubled. The quick shriveling of the grapes was unusual and thank goodness the soils still had lots of water from the winter and early summer rains.

Sister Christa is very happy with the whites as these have all been picked in the valley and she only awaits the arrival of the cool climate riesling fruit from the Eden Valley which is picked this weekend. This comes from a vineyard that she knows from her days with Wolf Blass. And she has announced the viognier is good enough to be bottled as a separate wine. A first for our winery.

I received an update from Rolf by email on 3 April

We have only done two batches of Viognier as a varietal and with Shiraz thus far. The red is in barrel, but I have not had a look at it since ferment.

Some Grenache will dribble in early next week and then the Mataro will be well after that. We have to wait patiently for the flavour to come up in both, but in about two weeks I will have some early comments.

Veritas Winery in the Barossa Valley is also known as Rolf Binder wines. Rolf maintains a very informative website that is well worth a visit.

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