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There has been some work and some play for me over the past few weeks. At long last Vinodiversity the Book is in production. I have had a three week break in Central Australia doing some touristy things and visiting a couple of wineries as we passed through the Riverland.

The outback was green and many of the desert lakes had water in them, but it was vast tracts of the irrigation areas that looked like a desert.

Along the Murray Valley many large vineyards and almond groves have been left to die over the summer. These were planted under tax advantaged schemes by investment companies throughout the past two decades. Presumably the water rights have been sold and many of these properties have For Sale signs on them. The companies that set these up are gone but the scars on the landscape and the social fabric in these communities will be around for a while yet.

What a mess! and it was our taxes that subsidised these follies.

Some Good News: Vinodiversity the Book!

Varietal wine book
This book is a follow up to Emerging Varietal Wines of Australia which I published originally back in January 2006. I will offer pre-publication mates-rates to subscribers of Vinodiversity if you are reading this online and didn't get an email reminder then go and sign up for Vinodiversity News.

Vinodiversity the book contains the up to date info on 140 or so wine grape varieties in Australia. There are 60 or so wine regions described and all is cross referenced to a listing of 1611 wineries. That's 144 more wineries than there are in Hallidays 2010 Companion. See this page on how you can get your copy of Vinodiversity the Book.

But if you want to get it at the mates rates price please use this page

You can watch progress at Vinodiversity the Book page on facebook

Cycling, Eating and Drinking in France

Tour of french cuisine

The Tour de France is a must see event on television each year. Last year we were lucky enough to see it in the flesh so to speak as it came thundering out of the Pyrenees into the town of Tarbes. But really it is better to watch on the box, you get all of that lovely scenery filmed from helicopters, the commentary and atmosphere. How will Cadell go? What about some of the other young up and coming Aussies?

What has all of this got to do with wine you say? Well, they do make wine in France. And they have one of the best cuisines in the world. Watching the cycling is more fun with a glass in hand. And you'll need some food.

That's where this latest little gem of a book will be very handy. My friend Claudine Hemingway-Knapp has written Tour de French Cuisine 2009. It's packed with culinary tips and advice for each of the stages of the tour. She has recipes so you can do your own thing with your own culinary tour at home without missing quip from Phil or a word from Paul. The recipes will work even after the Tdf is over.

You can buy Tour de French Cuisine 2009 either as a paperback or get an instant PDF download.

Check it out, while you are over at Guidegecko the publishers you could also check out some of their other guide, they have a great range of wine travel guides.

More reading matter - I've just written a short review of a biography Wolf Blass: Behind the Bow Tie. The book is well worth seeking out as it provides plenty of history about the Aussie wine industry over the past 50 years. See my review of Wolf Blass Behind The Bow Tie

Spanish wine map for sale in Australia

Iberian wine map

I have a small supply of Spanish Wine Regions maps for sale at $33.00 inclusive of postage to an Australian address.

This map (it covers the entire Iberian Peninsula) was prepared by De Long Wine Info, the makers of the Wine Grape Varietal Chart.

If you order from Vinodiversity for delivery in Australia you will save heaps on postage.

See details here For ordering in Australia or Overseas suppliers.

The Map of Italy will be available in a couple of months.

Federation Square Regional Wine Showcase

The monthly Showcase series continues with the Macedon Ranges and Sunbury Regions on Wednesday and Thursday 2 and 3 June. The Showcase for July will be North East Victoria.

Vinodiversity will be there with supplies of the book for sale. Come and have a chat.

You can see the Wine Showcases 2010 Program here

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My friends at Secret Vines continue to come up with the goodies. Secret vines is an outlet for small wineries and there is an emphasis on less common varieties. - Just the ticket for Vinodiversity readers!

Tim Althus makes a point of selling the people behind the wines as well as the wines. This is the exact opposite of other online wine stores who are little more than virtual supermarkets for surplus stock and clean skins.

Secret Vines usually have two 6 packs available, at $99 and $159, both contain some lovely wines that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. They also have specials from a number of small wineries.

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