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Welcome to the October Vinodiversity News.

Homage to the humble pork sausage.

Vinodiversity likes to do things a little differently. The traditional way with Aussie blokes is to think of barbecuing sausages but they are much more versatile than that. Here's an interesting idea for thick pork sausages. Instead of tossing them onto a bbq, use them to make a dish of sausages with wine and lentils.

You should make an effort to get good sausages for this, and of course use a good medium bodied wine. I suggest a Barbera. This Italian variety has lovely savoury flavours which are best enjoyed with slight spicy meat dishes.

The full recipe for Pork Sausages with Lentils is on the Albarino to Zinfandel web site

Aged Roussanne

I have long been a fan of aged Marsanne. After about 5 years of bottle age it develops some interesting flavours as the colour goes from pale yellow to a more golden hue.

Recently I enjoyed a bottle of aged Roussanne, a 2003 vintage from Tahbilk. It had a host of strong flavours coming through and was ideally matched to roast chicken. Interestingly Tahbilk publish a vintage chart for several of their wines including Marsanne. They say that the early nineties Marsannes are now ready to drink. But they don't have a chart for their Roussanne.

You can join the Tahbilk wine club as a friend of Darby and get some added benefits via this page

Melbourne Alternative Varieties Wine Club

The Melbourne Alternative Varieties club will be holding its first dinner meeting on October 6th. There are two vacancies if you wish to join us. If you are interested in joining the group which will have a variety of activities focusing on new varietal wines please log in to the Home page of the group on Facebook

Wines of Christmas

Christmas used to be a fairly rigid and formal occasion. There were traditional roasts, Christmas puddings and cakes, no matter what the weather. Now we have more eclectic tastes. Some people even serve wines made from non traditional varieties.

One thing hasn't changed, we all like to get together with family and friends and share good companionship, good food and good wine. So this page is an invitation for you to share your ideas for an alternative varietal Christmas. What food wine combinations will you be serving this year? - maybe as a formal family Christmas dinner or as a get together with friends. What wine goes best with plum pudding and Brandy Sauce?

See what other Vinodiversity readers are planning, or maybe add a comment yourself.

Ask Vinodiversity

A couple of interesting queries lately from Vinodiversity readers

You can read these questions and my answers online. You can add your comments or ask a fresh wine related question, the more the merrier.

Fed Square Wine Showcase.

The Victorian Regional Wine Showcase Series continues this month with wineries from Gippsland and North Western Victoria showing their wares. Wed and Thursday 7 and 8 October in Melbourne's Federation Square. This event is a great way to cover a region while walking just a few metres from cellar door to cellar door. I'll be there with the wine grape varietal table, drop by for a chat. Details here

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