Newsletter January 2009

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Vintage 2009

The prospects for the 2009 vintage in Australia are good. Thus far there has been no extreme weather. The drought in Southern Australia has lingered on into its eleventh year and water supply in the irrigation systems remains extremely restricted. But every vintage is different, as I discuss in this article

Of more concern to many winemakers is the effect that the unfolding economic downturn will have on demand. The falling Australian Dollar has its benefits for those wineries exporting, but all international trade is now less certain.

Good news for consumers: There are predictions of a glut of wine and lower prices again.

Bad news for consumers: It's mainly Chardonnay!

We live in interesting times.

But as I said the weather seems to be smiling on the vineyards thus far. I have built a Vintage 2009 page on Vinodiversity to collect reports from winemakers around the country. My friend Duncan Harris from Ledaswan in the Swan Valley (where else?) is leading the charge with a very early report. He may have to post a follow up, but there will be reports from other regions to follow.

Winemakers are most welcome to post a short report, others may add comments or questions.

It's Tomato Time Again

Speaking of gluts we are heading into the time of plentiful ripe tomatoes again. Even if you are not growing them in your back yard you can pick up a case of very ripe ones from your local market or greengrocer. Just go during or immediately after a heatwave. They will be begging you to take a nice box of slightly overripe fruit.

Just the thing for this month's wonderful recipe: Roasted Tomato and Red Capsicum Soup. You could try it with Gewurztraminer, or perhaps a nice Barbera.

Wine Grape Vareital Table

For the past couple of yeas I have been the Aussie distributor of De Long's Wine Grape Varietal Table. It is a really informative chart, and a piece of art as well...

Wine Grape Varietal Table

Every home should have one! The problem is that getting them sent from the US, even in bulk has been expensive. Now I am trying a better way, and I am able to offer the basic chart as well. I'm passing on the savings to the consumer in lower prices.

So the deal now is you can get

the De Luxe Edition (Chart plus Booklet) for just $49.00.


The Standard Edition (just the Chart)for just $39.00.

Both prices include postage to Australian addresses.

More details on ordering this fabulous gift for shipping to Australia or elsewhere can be found here

You may also inspect and buy the chart at Vinodiversity's stall at the Monthly Fed Square Wine Showcase or at Rewine at the Queen Victoria Market.

Best Wines of 2008

A few readers responded to my invitation to contribute their list of the best wines that they tried during 2008. Brian Winzor and Bob Mutton both gave a list plus a few follow up comments. I had promised a small gift for the best contribution, but I'll have to award the title to both gentlemen.

Brian and Bob will both recieve a small gift in the mail. You can check out what they said here.

It's not too late to add your comments

Varietal Tasting Event

The Chalmers family have done sterling work over the years bringing some fabulous new varieties and clones into Australia. They are holding a varietal tasting event at their property in Euston in the Murray Darling Region. If you really want to experience the cutting edge of varietal wines in Australia you should try this. Details of the Chalmers event

Tim's Button

Last month Tim's Button took you to a fabulous reseller of vintage Grange. Maybe after reading his super statement Tim is wanting something a little less extravagant. So see if you can find something a little more affordable behind the button this time.

Please do not press this button unless your name is Tim, or you know someone called Tim!

TIM'S BUTTON: Special Offer Just for Tim and Friends

Finally: Come and say hello at the Victorian Wine Regions Showcase on Febraury 4 and 5. Yarra Valley this month.

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