Value of old wines

This one is valuable!

This one is valuable!

A reader asks:

I have two old bottles of wine which I'd like to know the value of.

I have a 1989 bottle of De Bortoli Shiraz, and the second bottle that I would like some advice on its value is a Liqueur port Special Cellar Release, Sandalford, Western Australia with no date except H/216 on the section that says 750ml Produce of Australia. I purchased it in 1989 also.

Darby says
I don't deal much in old wines but the the only ones which really appreciate in value are the high end wines of well known brands, plus a few wines that have acquired cult status.

Most other wines will not appreciate in value

It is possible that the Shiraz is still OK, but I don't think anyone would pay more than $10-20 for it. The Port is more likely to be drinkable but again it would not be worth much to sell.

General advice about old wines like these

I think old bottles of wine are not worth selling, unless you have a lot of them or you are going to get a fair amount of cash. They are more valuable for you to drink yourself and learn.

Invite a few friends around. Open the wine and allow your guests to taste a small amount. If the wine doesn't taste so good then let it breathe for a while, or decant it (careful of any sediment). Give it an hour or so to breathe then try it again. Old wines sometimes change markedly in a couple of hours after opening during which off odours "bottle stink" can dissipate.

Of course you need to have some other wine on hand in case your old wine really is past it.

You can get some idea of the value of old wines by browsing the Ebay listings for red wine

Comments for Value of old wines

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Oct 21, 2019
Old Dolceto 39
by: Nigel

On the weekend we opened my Dad's last bottle of 1939 Port to celebrate his 80th birthday.

It tasted fantastic and cork was in great condition.

He bought this bottle for $2.70 in the mid 70s......are you sure it would not be worth something today....assuming he had another one!

Apr 24, 2014
by: Anonymous

Would like to know if this bottle of wine holds any value-

Rhine Castle Cellars

Old Dolceto 39

John Walker

Any help appreciated
Thanks Liz

Darby's Comment.

It is highly unlikely that the wine is drinkable. It is probably from the 1960s. Only a few wines older than 10 years have any value for collectors and these are well known names eg Penfolds Grange etc.

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