Tempranillo with Petite Sirah or just acid blend

by Sam
(Alabama, USA)

Winemaking Kit Available from Amazon.com

Winemaking Kit Available from Amazon.com

I have a batch (kit wine) of Tempranillo going and looking for advice on how/what to try blending with…We are not commercial, only make 200 or so bottles a year for family to drink or give as gifts….would like to make a unique good blend but don’t know enough to mix the right portions of the right kinds, etc...I have a small batch of petite sirah going, along with a California red zinfandel, a Chilean malbec, and an Australian cabernet sauvignon. We have made a pinot noir, merlot, and a syrah that was pretty good.

We live in southeast Alabama and no grapes other than wild muscadines, scuppernongs, etc have been able to stand the heat….so we will never have our own grapes.

Thanks for any advice/directions you might give…we enjoy reading all your info..

Darby Replies:
There is no right or wrong way to make blended wines. It is an art rather than a prescriptive science. You need to experiment to find out what works best for your particular wines and palate.

Make up a few trial blends. Just a half glass of each. Say 90% Tempranillo 10% Malbec, then 80% Tempranillo and 20% Malbec and so on. Use kitchen scales if you don’t have accurate measuring devices.

Do it with a friend or two to get a consensus opinion. Make it a fun afternoon but write some notes so you know what you did.

You will be surprised at the difference just a small amount of a second or third variety makes when blended in wine.

PS. You can buy a home winemaking kit and other supplies from amazon.com

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