Invitation to join in promoting Sangiovese

I am producing an eBook "10 Dishes with Sangiovese" (10WS) as part of a larger project on generating a cookbook matching food and alternative varietal wines. The eBook, has some information about the variety, and 10 recipes.

If you would like to see a draft copy of the book pleasecontact me

I will be marketing "10 Dishes..." to my mailing list and promoting it on my websites and blogs as well as in various other forums both online and offline.

I am seeking winery partners to help promote 10WS. I will put a graphic and acknowledgment for each participating Sangiovese producer. The eBook needs more graphic content and I think wine bottle Pix and labels will give it colour and promote selected producers of Sangiovese at the same time.

What I will do

10WS will be distributed free to subscribers to my Vinodiversity Newsletter. I will be using it to build membership to the newsletter and to promote my forthcoming book Albarino to Zinfandel: food pairing with alternative varietal wines.

It will contain graphics of labels or bottle shots of several Australian Sangioveses, plus a short promo sentence about the wine.

What I would like you to do

You agree to letting me use some graphics from your website. In most cases I can download them without any input from you.I would like participating wineries to assist by putting a link on their websites to the "sales page" for 10WS, and by including a note about it in their winery newsletter (paper or electronic). You may need to contact your webmaster about this.

I hope this will contribute, in some small way to promoting sangiovese as a variety and your version in particular.

No cost, no contract, just a little cooperative action.

Please contact me if you are interested.

I am investigating the production of a paper copy of 10WS, but I am not sure it would be financially viable.

The Albarino to Zinfandel Book which I am preparing will be larger and broader in scope, I intend to make both an eBook and a paperback book from it.

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