Restaurant Wine Lists on iPad

A new service allows restauranteurs and sommeliers to quickly construct and maintain their wine lists on a platform that can be read on iPad and other mobile devices.
iPad Wine List Free

The way people are communicating is changing rapidly, and it's not just the Gen X and Gen Y types either. More and more people are using their iPads to make decisions about where and how they shop. Restaurants are no exception. At the touch of a smart screen people are deciding what and where they are going to eat and drink.

If your establishment has a wine list you are proud of, why not tell your customers, existing and potential, about it.

The Wine-is project is an easy low cost way to get your establishment found and seed on iPad, the most important new mobile technology. If you have discerning winelovers among your clientele this is a good way to engage them, and their friends.

How the Wine-is system works

The basis of the Wine-Is system is a numerical coding of wines, in a similar way to the coding of books via an ISBN number.

For example the code for 2002 Henscke Hill of Grace is 036-2095072-000001-09. You can Google that number and see the result. Once a particular wine is coded and described it is easy for restaurants, wine shops and distributors to add the wine to their list. There is no need to re-key the details of the wine.

How to join

This is very easy. Just go to Wine-Is and register. The basic service is free, and there are several levels of support available if you are unable to do it yourself

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