Provenance Wines Vintage Report 2005

Scott Ireland is winemaker at Provenence Wines at Sutherlands Creek in the Geelong Region of Victoria. his report on the 2005 vintage for their Pinot gris follows.

Vintage 2005 saw our Pinot Gris come in at pretty much where we chose.

After some tense moments in February, with what turned out to be very handy rain, the skys cleared and mild ripening conditions allowed us to harvest at what we deemed to be the appropriate time. That is we weren't dictated to by the weather.

We chose to pick approximately 2/3 of our harvest at 13.0 Be with flavour richness but still in the greener end of the flavour spectrum. The balance was left for a further two weeks and ended up at 13.8 Be with ripe flavours but due to the gentle conditions had maintained a good pH/acid balance.

Indigenous yeast ferment is still progressing in the later picked batch and looks quite interesting. The first batch is dry and has the usual pear like fruit with reasonable intensity.

Provenance wines pinot gris

Provenance Wines was established in 1997 to make premium wines showcasing the fruit quality and terroir of the Geelong viticultural region.

This maritime-influenced, cool-climate region just south-west of Melbourne, has proven over the last 125 years to be a magnificent area for the cultivation of premium grape varieties.

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