Jointly Promoting Your Business with Vinodiversity Magazine

An opportunity for you to reach a new audience with your online marketing. As your target audience moves to mobile devices you need to follow them.

I have recently launched a new digital publication called Vinodiversity Magazine. You can read it on iPads and iPhones. It contains stories about wines made from alternative grape varieties from Australia and beyond.

For a limited time I am offering a free subscription to Vinodiversity Magazine as a bonus for wine businesses to share with their customers/clients.

About Vinodiversity Magazine

Vinodiversity Magazine is published monthly.

A typical issue contains stories about a red wine variety, a white wine variety and a wine region. There are also stories about wine oddities, food pairing and recipes, and wine business. The emphasis is on Australian material but there is increasing international content.

I promote the magazine to the readership of my website and via several social media outlets. I am developing a program of joint ventures with other wine businesses to build the subscriber base.

The Magazine is available as a digital product distributed via the Apple Newsstand. It is not an App. It is a magazine with subscribers (AUD17.99) and has readers who buy single issues. The Apple Newsstand is the most rapidly growing platform for digital magazines.

During 2013 the number of iOS devices in use doubled. More and more people are using these mobile devices instead of traditional desktop/laptop computers. And the statistics I get from the products I sell shows that many people are buying products from their mobiles.

The market is big and growing.

The Joint Venture Offer

I am looking for partners who have a wine business, publication or blog and who need more clients or readers. There needs to be some overlap of interests with your target audience and the interest of my readers.

From my end I would like to offer your associates a free 12 month subscription to Vinodiversity Magazine (value=AU$17.99). Your associates are people who have somehow engaged with your business. They have bought some of your products and services or they have signed up for your newsletter.

The only restriction is that I don't want the link to be put onto an open web page or facebook post.

People who are promoting the magazine need to know that the bonus sub has some value, it is not just a freeby. The free sub is a bonus for some form of engagement with you.

If you decide to enter into this partnership will give you a code to share with your customers AND I will run advertising and links to your business in forthcoming issues of Vinodiversity magazine.

The Aim of the Joint Venture.

I hope this can be a WIN-WIN-WIN process.

    • Your customers get a gift of some value to them. A nice wine magazine and they are interested in wine OK.
    • Your business gets happier (and maybe more) paying customers. Plus you get some free advertising.
    • I get to build my subscriber base in preparation for eventually seeking paid advertising.

Let's Get Started

If you are interested please make the initial contact with me via the contact form here.

On the form please outline your location and type business (just your web address will explain it in most cases). If you have a mailing list/newsletter please let me know how many members are on it.

I will get back to you shortly and then we can sort out the next steps to creatively building both of our businesses together.

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