Guidelines for Winemakers Tales

If you are a grapegrower or winemaker using alternative grape varieities I would like your help in building this site and helping to increase knowledge about alternative varietals.

Vinodiversity is designed to stimulate interest in alternative grape varieites in Australia. There are thousands of grapegrowers and winemakers in Australia. Some of the more adventurous of these have embraced alternative varietes for all sorts of reasons. Many have a story to tell. Vinodiversity is helping to retell these stories to a ever widening audience of wine lovers who are breaking out of the bounds of wines from classic varieties.

This is the deal. You, the winemaker tell a tale relating to an alternative grape variety. I make your tale into a page on the Vinodiversity website to share the story. The page will have a link to your website. You may chose to put a link to vinodiversity on your website, but this is not neccessary.

Winemakers Tales aims to spread the buzz about alternative grape varieties and wines. Your tale should be mainly about an alternative grape variety. It should provide some interesting, amusing or informative content.

We want build interest in alternative varieties. Human interest angles are most welcome. Pure advertising blurbs will not be published, but tale tellers will be given adequate scope to mention their product. Put it in a readable context. This is the most effective way of building traffic. A web link can direct people to an order form or a hard sell, but Winemakers Tales itself will be something people can read for enjoyment.

Some information can be given about a few of these aspects

  • why that particular variety was chosen, your aims etc
  • what aspects of your particular terroir were important in determining varital choice
  • did you choose the variety or the site first?
  • how the variety is flourishing (or not) in the vineyard, disease problems, yield, ripening period
  • what special techniques are used in making wine from the variety, is it used for a pure varietal or blended
  • how good or otherwise are the wines you have made from the variety.

Make it humerous, romantic, picaresque, gothic or even serious, but keeep it light.

Make the tale as long or as short as you like, within reason. You don't need to cover all of the points above, but you can if you want to. The aim is to help spread the romance and allure of your favourite variety. Make the readers want to weave the word arneis or sangiovese into their next conversation. Together we can build a critical mass of knowledgeable consumers and get them coming back for more.

You will retain copyright of the tale. Your tale will be mounted on its own page of the Vinodiversity website for as long as you wish.

The page will have a link to your website. The authors of all tales selected for publication will be given adequate acknowledgement.

Vinodiversity will endeavour to publish tales as they are received but may do some editing for spelling or style. If you wish I can write or rewrite the tale for you. In any case you have the final say about what is published (as long as it is not likely to lead to legal problems for me or you)

I hope this is a win-win stituation. You get some publicity and hopefully some targetted traffic to your website. We get some interesting content for the Vinodiversity site. The interested wine lovers will learn more about varietal wines in general and yours in particular. The more tales we can get about alternative varieties the happier we all will be.

Use the form below to submit a tale or a suggestion. I will ring you and discuss your tale if you wish.


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